Athens Jazz Artist Profile: Karl Friday

Karl Friday (drums) handles the sticks for Sonny Got Blue, the Athens ensemble that sets up every Monday at Ciné as the house band for the regular weekly jam session. Sonny Got Blue also performs Thursday nights for the dinner crowd at Girasoles in Watkinsville. Karl’s been jazz drumming for almost a decade now, having picked it up as a mid-life do-what-you-love-to-do thing. When he’s not anchoring the rhythm section for Sonny Got Blue, Karl often is out of the country altogether. He’s a professor of history at UGA specializing in Japan’s samurai culture, and he visits Japan often to conduct research or to visit his in-laws. Karl has sat in on some sessions over in Japan, and he’s trying to develop the connections to play more over there. (Note: This profile also appears on the artists page of athensjazz411.com.)

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