UGA Equestrians

Over at my tumblr blog for athensview.com, I'm featuring some of my archival images from the UGA Equestrian Center. Trot on over for a visit when you get a minute.

Planning Your Jazz Weekend

Tonight (Friday, July 31) at 10:30 at the Globe downtown Melvin Mathurin (tenor), Mitch Rothstein (keys), James Goodhand (bass), and Ben Williams (drums) kick off your jazz weekend with jazz essentials and original pieces.

Then tomorrow morning (Saturday, August 1) at 8 (you can get up for this) it’s the Artie Ball Swing Band in the music corner at the Athens Farmers Market in Bishop Park. Folks, the farmers market has been the highlight of our week all summer, even without the music. You owe it to yourself!

And on Sunday (August 2) beginning around 1 pm on the beautiful patio at the Square One Fish Co. near the Classic Center, Rand Lines brings his cool keys, Dennis Baraw adds a groovin’ bass line, and Carlton Owens stirs in some hot drum licks for the brunch crowd. (You can’t go wrong with the shrimp and grits. I know!)


Crime prevention meetings

The Crime Prevention Unit will hold two community meetings to discuss crime problems in the community, relay ideas on how to have a better community, learn facts about neighborhood crime, have up-to-date information on crime prevention and crime prevention tools, and address issues on the physical condition of the neighborhood.
The first meeting will be Thurs., July 30, at 6:30 p.m. at the Trinity Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, 2535 Jefferson Rd. Another meeting is scheduled for Wed., Sept. 2, at Central Baptist Church, 720 Danielsville Rd.
Residents are encouraged to attend these neighborhood meetings. For more information contact Lieutenant Terrie Patterson at 706-613-3358, ext 223, or Nick Aguilar, ext 237.
More here


Regaining American Prosperity Forum

Free Public Forum this Friday!
Are you interested in deliberative discussion? Looking for a constructive way to spend your Friday afternoon? Then the Russell Forum for Civic Life in Georgia (RFCLG) has the event for you!
As part of our informal forum summer series, RFCLG invites you to explore the approaches proposed in a new NIF issue guide "Regaining American Prosperity: Building an Economy That Works for Everyone" at a public forum this coming Friday, July 31st, from 3:00-4:30 PM, in the Russell Library Auditorium.
The guide was developed by the Center for Civic Engagement at Hofstra University and explores strategies for rebuilding the economy in the United States. Jill Severn will moderate the discussion. To preview the issue guide prior to the event, visit: http://www.nifi.org/discussion_guides/detail.aspx?itemID=14638&catID=15
We hope you can come & discuss! If you have any questions, give us a call (706-542-5788) or send an email to jlevinso@uga.edu.

"Who Would Care" If Larry Munson Wrote a Book?

Larry Munson has long resisted writing his autobiography. Until now.

The book is due out next month, and you can find out more about it over on Eye On Sports Media.


On the Town Tonight

Need a last-minute suggestion for tonight? The Rand Lines Trio is playing at Farm 255. First set around 9.

Athens Heritage Walks Guided Tour Series – Next Up…UGA History!

Thursday, July 30, 7 PM – UGA North Campus and Old Athens Cemetery
Saturday, August 8, 2 PM – UGA Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Athens Heritage Walks, a new series of 13 guided tours sponsored by the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation, continues with a focus on The University of Georgia.

On July 30, noted author and historian Nash Boney leads a tour of The University of Georgia’s historic North Campus and Old Athens Cemetery.

Then on Saturday, August 8, archivist Steven Brown reveals the secrets and treasures of the UGA Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library with a behind the scenes tour of this outstanding archival collection…in other words, lots of cool stuff from Athens and the state.

Space is limited so reservations are recommended.

Tours are $15/$12/$10.

All proceeds go to benefit the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation.

For a complete schedule of all 13 tours and to download an order form, visit the ACHF website at www.achfonline.org or call 706-353-1801.

Don’t miss your chance to take a walk with history!

For more information contact Amy C. Kissane at 706.353.1801 or achf@bellsouth.net.


Tenor Art

Art plays a sweet solo at Ciné's regular Monday evening jam session. For more of my images from the session, check out my athensjazz411.com.

E.H. Culpepper

News: Athens business champion E.H. Culpepper dies (Athens Banner-Herald).

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

Couldn't resist. Had to do a Monday morning photo walkabout downtown. Logged .75 miles on the pedometer. First stop, Trappeze Pub. Check out the images over at my tumblr blog for athensview.com. I'll be posting more images from the walkabout later today.


Athens FYI: Local Homeschool Alters Curriculum

Athens, GA (July 19) -- The board of directors of the Brussack Homeschool in Athens, Georgia, has voted to eliminate Texas from the social studies curriculum. "It's a relative late-comer to the union (zero help during the whole Founding thing), most of it is empty, and Houston has no zoning," said Bob Brussack, a spokesperson for the board. "We're thinking of replacing the Texas material with a chapter on Costa Rica. Wouldn't that be a great state?" Asked about the change, student Ian Brussack had this reaction: "Costa Rica? Yeah! Field trip! Field trip! Field trip!" (related story: "Conservatives Say Texas Social Studies Classes Give Too Much Credit to Civil Rights Leaders")

-- reblogged from my tumblr blog for athensview.com.

Dispatch from SE Clarke

There are a thousand stories in the Classic City. This is one of them. I know it’s true, because I was there. Meet Dirty (left) and Manuel. Before today, as far as I know, they had never met. But fate brought them together at the Southeast Clarke Park. Dirty rides a motorcycle. He likes to ride hot, fast, and low. He rolled into the park this evening to check out some of the most beautiful works of American industrial art — classic cars and trucks rescued and lovingly revived by members of the Ol’ Skool Ryders Classic Car Club of Athens. Oh, the chrome. Oh, the paint jobs. Oh, the engines. Oh, the interiors. An acre of auto heaven. There was just one problem. Nobody seemed to have any jumper cables. And Dirty needed some jumper cables. His motorcycle, still as a statue in the middle of the road dividing the car show from the skatepark, was dead, it’s battery without the strength to start it. Dirty asked everyone for jumper cables. He even asked me. Nope. Then Manuel walked up. He had been watching the skaters, not the cars. Dirty asked Manuel the key question. And his answer was yes, I have jumper cables. Dirty insisted I take their picture together, which I did, and then Dirty mounted his steel steed and burned some serious rubber as he left the park. I, of course, was out of position and didn’t capture the dramatic exit. -- reblogged from my blog for athensview.com.


UGA Law Faculty at the Athens Farmers Market

A few more and we would have had a quorum. For more of my images from our morning stroll through the farmers market, drop by my tumblr blog for athensview.com.
We're back from an exquisitely laid-back morning at the farmers market. Kate Morrissey performed solo this morning over in the music corner. Check out my blog for athensview.com for a vid, this image, and others.


My Nikon and I strolled about downtown this morning between 7:45 and 8:45. Beginning at noon, I'll post an image from the stroll every half hour over at my Tumblr blog for athensview.com. Grab your walking shoes and come along. Here's an image from the series.

What would a pawn shop give for a seismograph?

According to the county police:
Between 1400 June 15 and 1400 July 15 a seismograph with wireless modem, total value $4,700, was stolen from behind apartments at 393 Oconee St. The unit is owned by SAUL’S SEISMIC INC of Atlanta.


Chapel Hill band Lost In The Trees plays 40 Watt tonight, Wednesday July 15th

I am just passing this information along, as it was recently passed to me. My first impression is that it could be interesting just because of the arrangements, since one of their photo pictures show more members holding a brass instrument or orchestral strings than guitars.

As I listen to the song 'Tall Trees' play from their MySpace page I hear a pop song that would probably sound at home both on college rock programming as well as more commercial broadcasting. Acoustic guitars, electronic-ish percussion sounds, accordion, some of the aforementioned instrumentation and vocals that a generation raised on Radiohead would approve.

Now listening to 'Fireplace' on their record labels promo page: it's a bit more agressive of a song, with electric guitar added to the mix, highlighted by thick backup vocals and strings.

If nothing else, it is an ambitious effort and also an intriguing one. Go take a listen, and if you like it, you know by now they are playing the 40 Watt tonight (Wednesday July 15).


Pimentel, the Piper of Athens

Here's something you don't see every day on North Campus. For the story, drop by my athensjazz411.com.

today over at athensview.com

There are so many things to love about the big-money sports. There is, for example, their generous embrace of the not-so-much-money sports, courtesy, in part, of Title IX. Have you been to the UGA softball field out on Milledge Extension to watch the women play? Over at athensview.com this morning, beginning at 9, I'll be serving up an image an hour from April of '07. Here's a sneak peak just for athensworld readers.


Sunflower Concert Series with 5/8

from a list....
So it’s 5/8 playing on 7/14 at 8:00 with Scott Spillane (from Neutral Milk Hotel and other Elephant 6 collectives) playing a solo set at 7:00. The site: the new Flower Garden, a terraced garden lush with flowers, of course. And there will be free refreshments, both adult and all-ages, and light snacks, offered as part of the ticket price. This is a great chance to see one of Athens, and the country’s, great rock and roll outfits, playing a different kind of set, less electric but not less electrifying. R.E.M. tapped them to open a string of shows on a recent tour, and National Public Radio’s “All Songs Considered” profiled them with love and gusto. They have played thousands of shows, no exaggeration, and will bring the vim and vigor acquired through the years to the Garden. AND, it’s a show that still allows a decent night’s sleep, and it’s family-friendly. Lots of kids roaming about (not in the flower beds, please). And, should you desire, bring a (in best Yogi Bear voice) pic-i-nic basket loaded with your favorite comestibles, and fancy beer and wine if that’s your thing. (It’s Miller Lite draft and wine at the free stand.) The forecast is looking good-rain today and mostly sunny, and not super-hot, tomorrow. So now you’re thinking, hmm, music in my life, attainable. Hope to see you here tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a ton of fun.

Tickets are $10 for members and $15 for non-members.
This write-up is courtesy of William Tonks.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia
2450 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605
(706) 542-1244

Find us online!



At the Farmers Market

As we left with our veggies and coffee today, I spotted this young lady petting the pooch through the fence.

Carl Lindberg at the Farmers Market

Japan has its living national treasures. Maybe we should recognize living Athens treasures. Who should be counted a living Athens treasure? One of my nominees would be Carl Lindberg. This morning over at the Athens Farmers Market, Carl sat all by himself in the music corner and worked his musical magic. He generously allowed me to record him with my trusty Kodak and to post the vid over at athensview.com. Drop by.


today over at athensview.com

Beginning at nine this morning, I'll be posting an image an hour from my archives. Today's subject will be the Sandy Creek Nature Center. Here's a bonus image just for the readers of Athens World. I had walked from the river across the short path through the power lines right-of-way, reaching the fence along the road to the ENSAT Center. I spotted a bird perched on the opposite fence. Just as I squeezed the shutter release, the bird left in a hurry. No complaint from me.


today over at athensview.com

Beginning at 9 this morning on my athensview.com, I’ll be featuring images from my archives, one per hour. Today’s focus will be on our local skate park, located in SE Clarke Park on Lexington Road.


Meet Patrick Ware

How many times have you slowed your gait just a bit as you walked by OK Coffee on College Avenue, stealing an admiring glimpse at the concise elegance of the architecture, or stopped and picked up a coffee for a buck from the bearded dude in the window? Drop by my athensview.com for a profile of the bearded dude.

today over at athensview.com

I'll be posting photographs of UGA campus scenes from my archives, one per hour. Drop by if you can.


Nuci's Space property tax appeal heads to court this week | News | OnlineAthens.com

This is a cautionary action effecting many more charities and quasi-charities. I am a huge supporter of Nuci's Space so obviously I think that the A/CC Government is barking up the wrong tree. Interesting to learn about Quality Deer Management used to be in Watkinsville and I believe Congressman Paul Broun had something to do with them before getting elected.Nuçi's Space property tax appeal heads to court this week | News | OnlineAthens.com

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Athens Jazz Artist Profile: Karl Friday

Karl Friday (drums) handles the sticks for Sonny Got Blue, the Athens ensemble that sets up every Monday at Ciné as the house band for the regular weekly jam session. Sonny Got Blue also performs Thursday nights for the dinner crowd at Girasoles in Watkinsville. Karl’s been jazz drumming for almost a decade now, having picked it up as a mid-life do-what-you-love-to-do thing. When he’s not anchoring the rhythm section for Sonny Got Blue, Karl often is out of the country altogether. He’s a professor of history at UGA specializing in Japan’s samurai culture, and he visits Japan often to conduct research or to visit his in-laws. Karl has sat in on some sessions over in Japan, and he’s trying to develop the connections to play more over there. (Note: This profile also appears on the artists page of athensjazz411.com.)


The Classic City Closed-Gate Blues

It's Sunday mornin' and I'm feelin' low.
I ain't got nowhere to go.

It's Sunday mornin' and I'm feelin' low.
I ain't got nowhere to go.

Gotta skate but the gates are closed.
The gates at Southeast Clarke are closed.

Guess it's gotta be this way.
Gotta save a buck, is what they say.

But closed on Sunday?
Closed till noon?

I got the Classic City closed-gate blues.
I got the Classic City closed-gate blues.


Coming Up Over at Athensview

Beginning at 9 am on my athensview.com, I’ll be featuring some of the photos from my archives, one per hour. All of the images were made at Memorial Park.