Create, Share Your Neighborhood, City Dream Maps


What dreams do you have for your neighborhood, for your city? What changes—or non-changes—would you like to see in your neighborhood? In the city?

Last week on My Athens I posted a map showing my dreams for my neighborhood. Now, I want to see what others are daydreaming about.

If you live in Athens, Ga., show me—send me—your ideas.

Drawings, Google Maps, Lists Are Acceptable Formats

Send me a hand drawn map highlighting where you’d like a park in your neighborhood. Or use Google Maps to create a map showing how you’d change zoning throughout the city and send me the link. Or compile a list of suggestions for improving downtown or the Prince Ave corridor or wherever and email it to me.

Nothing Elaborate is Required

If you want to do something as elaborate as I did last week, that’s fine. But very loose, free-hand, not-to-scale sketches like the one above (which, by the way, is intended only to illustrate what a hand-drawn map could look like and is not to be taken as a serious prediction) are perfectly acceptable. If writing is your preferred mode, this post I did about Lexington, Ky.—where I used to live—might serve as an example. But—again—something shorter, less punctuated, is good, too.

Plans and a Few Details

My plan is to occasionally post what you send to me—with your name attached (unless you prefer anonymity)—and then maintain an archive of what I’ve collected.

If you’re creating a map by hand, please email me (lorentz.d@gmail.com) a scanned copy in a jpeg, pdf or tiff file. To mail your hand-created map, email me to get my address. Don’t send any hard-copy pictures larger than an 8.5 x 11 page—that’s all my scanner can handle.

Kevan Williams, Flagpole’s development columnist, suggested I do something like this. It’s a good idea. Send me your ideas.

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