Skatepark Update

This young lady and her family dropped by SPOA (the skatepark of athens ga usa) yesterday afternoon, braving some oppressive heat and humidity — a foretaste of August in Athens. If our young videographer had returned at around 6:30, she would have seen some amazing skating. Area phenoms Kaden Campbell and Lindsea Lumpkin played host to two of North Florida’s best young skateboarders — Juan and Steven Pineiro from Jacksonville, in town this week for Saturday’s Concrete Rodeo tour stop at SPOA. Need something to do this weekend?


tommy lumpkin said...

bob---you have stuff we've never seen online before---you are truly amazing---and---have some great pics to share----awesome !!!

tommy lumpkin said...

bob---you have stuff i've never seen online before---you truly are amazing--my family loves your kind comments and great pics and videos