Georgia Theatre Fire News Poll

I'd really like to know what info source was most valuable to you in keeping up with the news of the Georgia Theatre fire. So I've created an account at micropoll and set up a simple poll. Click here to go to it. If you have suggestions for refining it, let me know. And please vote :)


Unknown said...

well, considering that there was a world of dif between athens online, ajc, randb, twitter & fb -- I would have to give it to the "person on street" -- aka fb & twitter.

So, I can't really pick internet.

..but then I can not pick the other choices.

.. so I guess we are at an impasse.

apologies to the Princess Bride, which I've watched too much lately.

Molly's Muse said...

was this blog specifically!

Bob Brussack said...

As you wish :)

Lindsay Masland said...

I wish there were more specific internet options to pick from, because I think that is more telling. I got almost all of my info from Twitter, which occasionally sent me to other sites like ABH and AJC.