AthFest 2009

There are very few things that really surprise me about the depth of the music scene in Athens. That being said, I am truly surprised by the incredible quality of the musical talent (with only a few exceptions) of the bands that played the main stage and the Morton Theatre Flagpole Awards. I consider myself to be a tough critic, but when I was blown away by Dead Confederate, I needed to reconsider the myriad of excuses I had used to remain deaf to the up-and-coming Athens bands.

You see, I was raised on old-school rock-n-roll radio. It seemed that Athens was more of a town for the college/indie music scene. While I mean no offense to the genre or talented artists from this sector, I will have to admit I was a bit of a rock snob.

I am not a rock snob anymore, most specifically because the spacey Pink Floydish riffs that fill your ears on dead Confederate tracks like "The News Underneath" and the Verve-like vocals of Hardy Norris's "All the Angels" gave me a new understanding of what rock in 2009 should sound like. Since I was so wrong to be that judgemental, I decided to write this blog and bare all my musical sins for the world to hear, lest you fall into the same bad habits of the rock snob. Seriously, though, I really want to talk about some great bands from Athens as they move fans to ear-piercing "woooos" and hard-core devotion.

A final note for today's blog regards the fine leadership I have witnessed in the Athens community since the tragic burning of the Georgia Theatre. The Morton Theatre generously took over the venues that had been originally planned to be staged at the Georgia Theatre during Athfest. Kudos to all who un-selfishly made this possible. I'll be writing more on the Morton Theatre later, but suffice it to say that it is a rich jewel of an era gone-by. Its recent total restoration was just in time for the 100th year it has been part of Athens' heritage.

Thanks for reading my first blog- I hope you return for many more to come!


Winfield J. Abbe said...

Good Morning Adrian. When you started this blog you stated bloggers would be required to use true names. The following comment appears below all comment boxes: "This blog does not allow anonymous comments".
Yet, here is a list of unidentified current posters to this blog: BBD, Model Consumer, CRC, Oconee Democrat, funkybuda, Jas, Codeman 38, BeenThereDoneThat, Rock100Promotions. A number of others use first names or abbreviated first names so they remain virtually anonymous too. Without discussing all the reasons in favor of allowing only comments by those who are identified by true name, address and telephone number, of whom there are now only about 3 left, you and I and Bob Brussack, isn't it time you now deleted the comment below this box "This blog does not allow anonymous comments" if you are not going to demand true identification of posters? The list of anonymous participants seems to be increasing. While I am sure all of them are known to you and likely friends with you, they still remain anonymous or virtually anonymous to others don't they? Most of them are not adequately identified elsewhere either. i.e., with true full names, addresses and telephone numbers. Winfield J. Abbe, 150 Raintree Ct., Athens, GA. 30607, 706-543-3356

Adrian Pritchett said...

The "anonymous comments" statement is from the Blogger system and indicates that a Google account is required to log in to leave comments. It doesn't mean any more than that.

Honestly, Winfield, nobody gives a rip.

Tim said...

Now wait a minute Adrian. Are you in cahoots with the IMMORAL ILLEGAL ACC government? What about tent city? And the bus system? I sense a thread, dare I say it, a conspiracy, with allowing these dastardly anonymous comments and the politicians in ACC government who, knowingly look the other way.....
Ahhhh, never mind. We've heard it all before, ad nauseum.

Unknown said...

..and winfield if you click on the contributors profiles you might learn a little more about some of us. I am linked under robin and my profile tells anyone WAY more than they would want to know, ;-) including where to find me online, my professions, and my name... which is even a verified digital identity. Is yours? ;-)

...and no, you may NOT have my home address (which is not listed in YAHOO people finder or any other public people search, either) nor my home phone number. I've had a web presence since 1999, I know better. ;-)

..but you are welcome to contact me by email if you so choose.


Unknown said...

I'm still waiting for the "Winfield J. Abbe Memorial Ferris Wheel" to be built.