Swinging Late on Gray Water

During the height of the drought, Pat and (I assume) many other area gardeners asked ACC officials about the use to gray water to save the most at-risk plants. I don't think it is too much to say that the response was dismissive. "It's illegal" is about all we heard. There was no interest shown in the use of gray water, much less enthusiasm for clearing the way legally for this creative solution. Now that the drought threat has diminished, our state and local governments apparently have decided that the use of gray water is not such a bad idea after all. (But won't its use cut into the consumption of ACC water and therefore further threaten water revenues already down because we've all become "too" conservation-conscious?)


Elizabeth said...

Eeek, I know several people who were using gray water to keep their prized outdoor plants alive. One woman had her husband and son shower with a bucket, and used her dishwater after use to keep her herb garden alive.

Didn't realize it was illegal. That's stupid. It would have gone down the drain anyway.

Ben said...

The problem has always been that the State has not allowed this, not that ACC didn't want it. State law changes made it possible for ACC to make changes.