Police still looking for shooting suspect

Athens-Clarke County Police have released this photo of shooting suspect George Zinkhan. He is alleged to have killed three people and wounded two others just after noon today on Grady Avenue and still has not been apprehended. Police are asking for anyone knowing his whereabouts or the location of his red 2005 Jeep Liberty (with Georgia tag AIX 1376) to contact them at (706) 613-3345.


Anonymous said...

It is kind of amazing that he has not yet been found and arrested.

I wish AthensWorld had more commentary in general, and specifically I think this unfortunate and horrifying event is fertile ground for discussion.

However, it is hard to say anything at this point. There's nothing to say. Even if you don't have any connection at all to the alleged perpetrator and his victims, it is completely shocking, surreal and scary. Above all it is sad.

Tim said...

The picture on the first page of the ABH Sunday edition showing the cops in combat gear in the back of a UGA pickup truck, that really was unsettling to me. I don't want to go off on a big rant here, but the constant infusion of military tactics and equipment in what should be community policing is a very scary thing to me.
This crap leads to rambo-wanna-be young cops with an attitude. I see it in Oconee all the time and my sons tell me what they see and hear in downtown Athens.
As for the current missing professor, I expect they'll find him on some back road after he puts a bullet through his head.

Anonymous said...

I agree... I'm not down w/the military tactics and equipment either.