Leaf and limb pickup after snowstorm

Athens-Clarke County is resuming normal leaf and limb pickup service today, though the rounds are expected to take 15 weeks rather than the usual 8. Regular service was suspended on March 2 so the crews could assist with cleanups related to clearing roadways and public safety issues. The normal size limits will be waived, and the regular crews from the Solid Waste department will have additional assistance from Public Works and Landscape Management to deal with the extra debris. Residents can take their materials to the landfill as usual, though there has been no waiver of fees there ($9 per truckload).

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Unknown said...

thank goodness -- there are huge piles of dead trees, very large limbs, etc. stacked up at just about every house in my neighborhood. I don't think anyone (including myself) considered that they wouldn't pick up this storm debris because of any kind of restriction.