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Just passing along in case anyone is interested. I don't know anything more about this and I'm not affiliated with the Red Cross ;-)

Not all heroes wear capes, but they all have one thing in common; they make a big difference to someone. Heroes are mothers, fathers, siblings, teachers, nurses, emergency responders, servicemen, neighbors, strangers, friends and youth. The American Red Cross East Georgia Chapter is looking for community heroes to honor at their 2009 Heroes Breakfast. The Hometown
Heroes Breakfast will be held on May 13th, 2009 at the Athens Country Clubfrom 7:30 a.m. รข€“ 9:30 a.m. The Heroes Breakfast is generously presented by Athens Regional Medical Center.

To nominate your hero, please fill out a nomination form at http://eastgeorgia.redcross.org/HometownHeroes.htm or call (706) 353-1645. Nominations are due no later than April 13, 2009.

The Heroes Breakfast honors local people for acts of great bravery, dedication and service to the community. American Red Cross East Georgia Chapter hero categories are listed below. Where does your hero fit in?

Adult Good Samaritan
An individual(s) who courageously and selflessly responded to an unusual, significant or unexpected crisis.

Animal Rescue Hero
Presented to an ordinary citizen who has used lifesaving training to save the life of an animal.

An individual(s) who displayed leadership and commitment to his/her community by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact in society.

Community Impact
An individual(s) who showed concern and worked to improve the safety and well-being of his/her community.

Disaster Relief
An individual(s) who exhibited heroic efforts in response to a natural disaster or emergency situation, providing relief to victims.

Emergency Medical Assistance
During a time of crisis, provided medical assistance including CPR and/or first aid to a person or people in need.

A professional or volunteer firefighter(s) who acted above and beyond the call of duty, exhibiting heroism either in response to an emergency situation or through an ongoing commitment to the community.

Law Enforcement
A professional police officer(s) or related law enforcement official(s) who acted above and beyond the call of duty, exhibiting heroism either in response to an emergency situation or through an ongoing commitment to the community.

An active, reserve, or retired member of the Armed Forces or ROTC who acted above and beyond the call of duty, exhibiting heroism either in response to an emergency situation or through an ongoing commitment to the community.

A licensed and practicing nurse, nursing student, or retired nurse who exhibited heroism either in their response to an emergency situation or through an ongoing commitment to the community.

Water Rescue
Presented to an ordinary citizen or professional rescuer involved in rescuing a person in a water environment.

Youth Good Samaritan
An individual(s), under the age of 21, who courageously and selflessly responded to an unusual, significant or unexpected crisis

Nominees must reside or work in one of the thirteen counties served by the East Georgia chapter. The chapter serves Banks, Barrow, Clarke, Elbert,Greene, Franklin, Hart, Jackson, Madison, Morgan, Oglethorpe, Oconee and Walton counties.

A selection committee comprised of community leaders from all thirteen counties will choose the award recipients.

Award recipients will be recognized at the Hometown Heroes breakfast to be held May 13th, 2009.

Jennifer Pennington
Executive Director
706-353-1645 phone
706-353-4701 fax
American Red Cross - East Georgia Chapter
490 Pulaski Street
Athens, GA 30601

Serving the counties of: Banks, Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Greene, Franklin,
Hart, Jackson, Madison, Morgan, Oconee, Oglethorpe, and Walton

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Winfield J. Abbe said...

The late Jan Kemp, former English Instructor at UGA should be honored posthumously for her courageous efforts to expose the corruption in the classes for the UGA Athletics Department in the 1980's, and her devotion to basic rights in her outspoken opposition to the Nazi style rental registration proposed by the Athens Clarke County government about 5 years ago. In fact her name should have been on one of those on the new decadent UGA buildings in place of political hacks or former UGA presidents.
One of the definitions is: "An individual who showed concern and worked to improve the safety and well being of his/her community."
This is difficult to accomplish in Athens since the government works against any citizen who seeks to expose their often fooish, extravagant, unsafe, wasteful conduct in violation of their public trust. A number of citizens have spoken up about various issues, like the unsafe Hawthorne Ave., where utility poles are placed too close to the roadway, even in the middle of sidewalks, there are no cross walks for long distances as there are on many other less important streets like King Ave., Prince Ave., Chase St. and MLK Drive as examples. This street was repaved without addressing any of these issues or widening it either for which it is about 40 years overdue. Almost every day lines of cars extend over half the way from Oglethorpe AVe. to Broad St. or Prince Ave. in the other direction.
Buses run around town, mostly empty of passengers, wasting expensive diesel fuel, dangerously blocking traffic lanes and illegally not even providing service to areas where taxpayers are forced to pay for their costs. Last year the cost was about $ 5.7 million with the riders who use it paying only $1.6 million while the taxpayers were forced to pay about $4.1 million as subsidy, a totally unfair and unnecessary waste of resources, but the government blindly ignores any and all objections to this. Over the years they have squandered multi millions of dollars on the wasteful and foolish waste of valuable resources. The government was provided with a proposal showing how they could have obtained the land for the Five Points and Oglethorpe Fire Stations for "free" but they totally disregarded the plan without even a "thank you". In fact, a former Commissioner even lied about the plan and Captain Ruff, the former Commander of the Navy School reportedly sought to kill the idea of placing a fire station on the Navy School land as though it were his private fiefdom, when it is owned by the United States of America.
Additionally a former Assistant Commander of the Navy School treated the citizen as if he were some sort of subversive criminal although their ethical guidelines state "they must cooperate with the local community in which they serve". Athens Clarke County is required to provide the fire protection of the Navy School. Rather than cooperating, the Assistant Commander told the citizen he must obtain information by filing a Freedom of Infomation Act request.
Some cooperation huh.
A number of citizens here have been concerned about the apparent corruption in the death of the late Jennifer Lynn Stone April 23, 1992 17 years old next month. Yet the Athens Commissioners, rather than siding with the citizens, instead side with secrecy and police secrecy and clam up when citizens asked them why they voted in secret to appeal the Georgia Court of Appeals decision for them to open the investigative file and declaring the case to be dormant, a no longer active one. Every one of them took the easy silent way out, and refused to disclose what they had been told in secret by the Athens Chief of Police, the Athens County Attorney and possibly others, regarding this old, inactive case, about which the police department lied and falsely stated in was active when in fact, as the Court of Appeals ruled, it was inactive. Unfortunately the Georgia Supreme Court ruled on the side of secrecy instead of openness and truth. The public therefore remains in the dark about it all despite the fact that this case would likely never be prosecuted even if the individual(s) admitted the crime today. In fact, it is very likely the case investigative files have been lost or deliberately destroyed. Similar mysterous disappearences happened in the "Little" case in Atlanta in the 1960's. Forced Secrecy is how the State of Georgia prevents embarrassment to its often corrupt institutions, like police departments. They learned well from Nazi, Germany so many brave ancestors fought so hard to rid the world of. One could go on and on, like the secret activities of the "public" hospital here, Athens Regional Medical Center, Inc., and how while its a "non-profit" institution, its CEO makes about one million dollars a year and there is never any shortage of money for the endless construction projects,raping the local neighborhoods, while they settle negligence claims in secret in lawyer's offices, all over the country, while they send patients exorbitant bills that are virtually incomprehensible and often fraudulent. The local newspapers have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about investigating or not investigating them. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. We ostensibly fought wars over government secrecy. Yet our lawmakers in Georgia, some who are even idolized, passed these many tyrannical laws using the full military force and power of goverment to keep the business of government, paid for by the taxation of citizens, secret, out of any citizen control. Some democracy isn't it? When it was pointed out to the Athens government that for about 3 hours during the fourth of July celebrations, traffic was so clogged on in and around Oglethorpe and Hawthorne that no fire truck or ambulance or police vehicle could even reach certain homes in an emergency, they just arrogantly ignore the observation. Fortunately for them such an emergency did not happen. When it was pointed out that the gasoline tank farm just off the By-Pass on Jefferson Rd. was and is a disaster waiting to happen, with dangerous gasoline tank trucks entering and exiting with no traffic signal onto the very busy Jefferson Rd., they just arrogantly ignore it all, thumbing their noses at public safety. If anything the Athens Mayor and Commissioners display arrogant, elitist anti-heroism. Notice how they never, ever, admit they were wrong or made a foolish or wasteful or decadent or political or corrupt or secret decision against the public safety, health and welfare the only dictum they are authorized to operate under. President Obama recently quoted a former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brandeis "Sunlight is the best disinfectant". Too bad the lawmakers of Georgia and government of Athens, Georgia never learned this dictum. Justice delayed is justice denied. Secrecy is very good at delaying justice or preventing it altogether.