Downtown parking

Downtown business owners are right about the need for two-hour street parking. (See this article about a petition asking the Mayor and Commission to reconsider a recent vote that increases parking fines and shortens the time on some parking spaces.) Some of my visits downtown are only to eat lunch, and a one-hour limit is insufficient. I often park in the College Avenue deck, but it fills up frequently since it isn't large enough to accommodate diners and people with business downtown. One hour for parking is only sufficient for shoppers, but downtown isn't as much of a shopping district as it is a dining and business district. As for myself, I go downtown for dining and for government business. I either try to park in the College Avenue deck or find a two-hour space on Hancock Avenue. There is certainly a need for two-hour spaces -- why is this so hard to understand?

Yes, the shortage of spaces allowing parking for more than one hour definitely discourages my visits. What about you?

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Brian said...

Two hour parking -- or even 90 minutes -- would be great. Not sure why there is opposition to it.