Thinking of Spring

Yesterday, as my son and I watched "Extinction!," one of the episodes in the first-rate (but pricey to buy) PBS series "Evolution," the possibility of an imminent mini-extinction on Tamarack Drive crossed my mind. When I turned my head and looked up and out of the study window behind me, I saw the great upper trunks and branches of our hardwoods yielding ominously to the furious gusts that were busy carrying away our weird January balminess and putting things coldly aright.

Our little treasure of consolation deep in our Januaries and Februaries is the certain prospect of a glorious Athens spring. I thought of spring again this morning as I rooted around in my archives for a Photo of the Day over at bobbrussack.com. I settled on this shot from 2007's Twilight Criterium. -- Bob Brussack

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