Things we need to talk about

  1. The red light camera system at Hawthorne Avenue, Alps Road, and West Broad Street. Possible questions for discussion: Why are the yellow circle lights for Broad Street shorter than other yellow lights along Broad? Why are the yellow turn arrows significantly shorter than many other yellow arrows around town? Was this timing ever adjusted before or after the camera system was installed?
  2. Athens-Clarke County's effort to tax Nuci's Space and other real estate held by nonprofit organizations.
Have at it. I'm staying out of this.

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Anonymous said...

We've talked about this before so you know where I stand on that intersection/traffic light. It is fishy. But what can be done?

As far as the other issue, I've sort of been following it in the Flagpole but don't know much about it. I agree that it is definitely worth of discussion, as is, obviously, the other issue.