Frozen university

It has come to my attention that University of Georgia employees returned to work today to find themselves in buildings that are not properly heated. At least energy is being saved, right?


Mike-El said...

Tuesday night, after the Xavier/UGA women's b'ball game, thousands of fans stumbled out of Stegeman Coliseum into inky blackness because the parking lot and parking deck lights were turned off. People (and remember, the women's b'ball crowds skew considerably older) were having to navigate the stairwell in the parking deck in the freaking dark. Inexcusable and infuriating.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about sporting events but there was an email sent to all UGA staff informing them of the heating situation. Yes, it is an effort to save energy. It is a very good thing.

Of course, I think it's stupid to go back just to work one day before the weekend, but such is life.