Dennis Felton Out At Georgia

For those of you who have not heard, Dennis Felton is out as head coach at UGA. The press conference was at 11:00 AM this mofning. A best attempt ive blog transcript is available at Eye on Sports Media.


Mike-El said...

Never fun to fire a coach...but I prefer cutting the cord like this to what would've absolutely amounted to a six-week Death Watch for the rest of this season.

BBD said...
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Winfield J. Abbe said...

He is being paid about $1.5 million by UGA for NOT working and although they could assign him duties, they waived their right to do that. Isn't this a business? What does all this have to do with "higher" education? When innocent victims of this depression are losing their jobs every day in and around Athens, it is obscene to pay this guy millions of dollars for not working. Is there some shortage of "sports" entertainment or something? Let's move the monopoly sports business, operated in secret at UGA, off the campus where it belongs.