Cryptic alert message

What in the world is the HART team and why should we care about it before sunrise? The UGA Alert message that went out through text messages and telephone this morning was: "The HART team is being activated immediately. Please meet at the First Building as soon as possible." It was followed by another message telling us to disregard the message because there was no emergency.


Mike-El said...

So that's why I saw the HART-Signal as I drove into town.

Bob Brussack said...

I don't know what the HART Team is, but we must live in the First Building, because I have three black helicopters hovering over my house right now shining floodlights on the pickup.

Bob Brussack said...


MC Get Busy said...

I don't know, but I opt'd out of UGA Alert the moment my alarm clock went off. I did not appreciate the cell phone message at 6:11am and then the second phone call 20 minutes later that was static silence.

I have yet to receive a UGA Alert message that does not alert me to something that is already blindingly obvious (it's raining outside...). Bleh.

Tim said...

I think HART is hazardous alert response team. I have no idea where the first building is.

Kelly Jones said...

It would be nice if UGA would post something on either the uga homepage, the uga alert web page, or the security and preparedness page.

Would be cool too if they monitored what people were saying about them on blogs and would comment.

Hope to see them here!

Here's to getting through the work day with 2 hours less sleep than usual!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I found that to be supremely annoying as well. I happened to be up then and I looked it up on uga.edu and it's the Hazard Assessment Response Team. Good thing they sent that alert to everyone.

I have pasted below the expanatory and apologetic email that was sent later this morning. Note the emphasis on 'human error.' It still leaves one wondering what the HART emergency was... Maybe the Red & Black will have something about that Monday.


TO: UGA Faculty, Staff and Students

FROM: Police Chief Jimmy Williamson

RE: Erroneous UGAAlert message today


The University of Georgia Police Department would like to apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused in the early morning hours on January 16, 2009. There was a human error while using the UGAAlert system and a message intended for a small emergency response team was inadvertently sent to the entire list. We have the capability of using the system to contact certain working groups for response to different issues and perform this periodically. Unfortunately, while using this capability there was a human error and the wrong selection was processed. This incident was very similar to clicking on the wrong email recipient when sending an email. Steps are being implemented in training and protocol to help ensure that this type of human error does not occur again. Please remain confident in the UGA Alert system. The system is an excellent tool for mass notification. The University of Georgia Police Department is extremely apologetic for this mistake.

Jimmy Williamson
Chief of Police

Unknown said...

oh, I thought it meant they were sending out the rich detective couple from that hart to hart show from the 70s....

just kidding. I need to stop watching so much hulu i think.


Unknown said...

The HART team is the haz-mat team for UGA...
This is their mission statement
UGA HART is a State of Georgia Level III Hazardous Materials Team. The primary mission of HART is to support the UGA community by responding to hazardous material
events on campus.
Additionally, HART has a mutual aid agreement with Athens-Clarke County to respond to emergency situations including chemical, biological, and radiological spills as well as indoor air quality problems throughout
Northeast Georgia.
And these are the services they offer:
1) Hazardous Material Response/Cleanup
2) Indoor Air Quality Investigations
3) Participation in Hazmat Drills
4) Safety Consultations
5) Awareness Level Hazmat Training
6) Mutual Aid Assistance Provided to Athens/Clarke County
7) State of Georgia Level III Hazmat Team
8) On-call 24/7/365 to respond to campus emergencies.

Unknown said...

..and should you want to visit their web page it is here:
UGA Hazardous Assessment Response Team:

The FIRST building is the Facility Incident Response and Safety Training building.

to be honest, the alert system is fairly effective, considering that it seems like everyone in Athens has talked about nothing else today. ;-D