wintry southland

The phone rang just after six this morning. My wife's mom was calling from near Baton Rouge. It was just after five in the morning for her. I pushed the "on" button with a sense of foreboding. A call at this hour usually brought bad news. And we've been dreading bad news from Louisiana lately. With her first "hey," though, I could tell that she had something happy to report. It turned out to be snow, tumbling onto South Louisiana. They do get snow down there, but it's rare enough to justify a before-dawn call to the middle child back east. Might be a good day for a bit of slipping and sliding and then back to the house for a pot of gumbo and some of Rob's egg nog.

The call brought to mind our own encounters with wintry weather here in the Classic City. The photograph is of the trees in our back yard in late February, 2004. -- Bob Brussack


Adrian Pritchett said...

This crazy weather system has brought us a flood watch. The forecast calls for the temperature to dip below freezing tomorrow night, but the precipitation will be gone by then. Your interesting photo shows a rare sight. Didn't we used to have snow at least twice every winter here?

Unknown said...

..and Georgia could actually support a ski resort at one time.

Sky Valley was founded in 1969 and closed in 2005. I think the last few years, they were only opened a few days every season. Even with modern snowmaking equipment, it was just too warm to support a ski resort.

...and this winter is predicted to be warm. So much for the southeast ski season. :-(