Stay away from Beechwood Shopping

Stay away from Beechwood Shopping Center because of gridlock.


Sneezy said...

Not much better out on Atlanta Highway at lunch.

Winfield J. Abbe said...

There is a current proposal by Madison LLC to develop about 30+ acres on Jefferson Rd. roughly across from the Athens CC. The proposal includes a new Publix plus high end stores plus high end homes. Such a proposal would relieve congestion at Beechwood and the Atlanta Hwy at Mitchell Bridge. This type of development is very much needed since the former grocery store in the Homewood Village Shopping Center closed and proposed stores farther out in Oak Grove are too rural for development yet. Much development has occurred in and around Jefferson Rd. during the past 40 years. People in nearby subdivisions could even walk to the store. However, many in the Moss Side subdivision are opposed to this development. But not only do they not own this property, many other citizens of Athens are affected too. The new Kroger store at Alps Rd has aisles so close one can hardly turn around. The parking is horrible and one must get there by risking a $100+ ticket in the photo light at Hawthorne and Broad which generated over half a million dollars last year for the bloated government of Athens. This is a good proposal and would relieve congestion. It is a high quality proposal by a high quality, experienced developer. But those who oppose it are basically shooting themselves in the foot since it is already zoned for apartments anyway. The proposed development is much better than more unnecessary apartments that will likely become more slums over time and could even become "Section 8" low income ones. Support this proposal with a letter to the Athens Planning Commission and the Commissioners. I live in Moss Side and unlike some of my neighbors, I support this excellent development. It will bring in many millions of tax dollars too. For more info you can call Warner Bros Realty or Whitworth Realty or Madison LLC or the Athens Planning Commission.