Need help / the DAWG artists

One of my project ideas that has been on the backburner while I frantically finish up a bunch of freelance work is a very short video on the process/participants of the We Let the Dawgs Out project (you know, those big fiberglass dogs -- but not the souless new ones -- art is subjective, ya know).

If you know anyone who participated (including the schools/art teachers), please please let me know (or pass my info along).

I think the original project was too neat to just disappear undocumented and while the level of art could have been perhaps been higher, it was great that children and schools were able to participate, in addition to professional artists. I tried contacting the official website but I never heard anything. I've also tried googling the various artists and I have a few contacts, but not much luck.

Basically, I'd like to add some of the other artists/groups photos of the inprocess work with mine (I have lots of photos for the jittery joe dawg although I am sad that it has faded so, but UV is evil to art). I know some of the other artists documented their work, too.

thanks much, robin


Hannah Smith said...

The Athens Convention & Bisitors Bureau loves the We Let the Dawgs Out public art exhibit, too, Robin! Tourists really like seeking out all the bulldog statues while they're in town and taking photos to document their Thens Georgia travels. I'm going to cross post your request at our blog, http://www.athens-lifeunleashed.blogspot.com and hope that your video project goes well. Let me know how it goes; we'd love to post it on our website, blog, and YouTube page!

Jon said...

They could play the song who let the dogs out.. .The original

Unknown said...

thanks Hannah for your help! I will definitely let everyone know when I finish (spring target date).