Urban Meyer's Poor Sportsmanship and Mark Richt's Brain Spasm

Extract from On Mark Richt's Brain Spasm, Urban Meyer's Poor Sportsmanship over on Eye on Sports Media:

"There were two things that struck me during the game. First, Mark Richt must have had the biggest brain spasm to call for that on-side kick after scoring their first (and only) field goal... Then there is Urban Meyer calling those timeouts in the last minute of the game...What Meyer did on Saturday was a cold, deliberate action. It was not about celebrating the joy of something positive. It was about rubbing an already painful loss further into the faces of the Georgia players, coaches and fans...It was just poor sportsmanship."

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Tim said...

Here is my take on the whole debacle in Jacksonville. Perhaps if our coaching staff and players were more concerned about the fundamentals of the game and less concerned about gimmicks like end zone celebrations and jersey color changes and what tunes to dance to, then maybe we'd be a better team.
The crap we pulled in Jacksonville last year came back on us this year. I don't have a problem at all with his calling those time outs. Maybe it was classless, but what do you expect from Florida?
I think maybe its time to quit with the gimmicks and other crap and just strap it up and play football. And oh yeah, quit with the dancing already.