Telephone scam

From the Athens-Clarke County Police:

Residents of Athens-Clarke County have reported receiving phone calls from a person identifying themselves as law enforcement. The residents are told that the officer is investigating money laundering and that they hold a warrant for the residents arrest. The caller will not identify the agency that they are with or the agency that holds the warrant. They also refuse to communicate with the resident's attorney. Eventually the caller attempts to get the resident to confirm their current address , social security number and other identifying information. This is a scam to steal or confirm stolen identity information. The calls are coming from a number off of a company that provides voice over internet (phone calls over the internet). Thus the number appears to come out of California, but they can be calling from anywhere in the world. The Athens-Clarke County Police Department reminds you that if the caller is legitimate they can provide you with the agency they are calling from and a publically published phone number that you can confirm and call back. NEVER provide identity information or confirm identity information over the phone or internet unless you are sure of the person 's identity with whom you are talking to.

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