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okay, this is my pet project -- so if you have any questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. I'll probably be pestering adrian for advice at some point as I try to navigate the waters of a startup magazine... ;-)

moonshine arts magazine ( http://www.moonshine.southerncreativity.com ) is seeking creative writing pieces, artist interviews, writings from the studio by artists, music and literature reviews, as well as other art related topics. Writers for moonshine are a diverse bunch from across the southeast (including some local Athenians).

We are graphic artists, music appreciators, painters, poets, photographers, filmmakers, journalists, novelists, essayists, librarians, geeks, art professors and every other label imaginable. We seek authentic and interesting Southern voices to contribute creative writing pieces or writings about the artistic experience -- "from the studio". We are also seeking writers to write about art -- any genre AND medium of art (music, performance, visual arts, etc.), as well as any time period (contemporary to 16th century to everything in between).

The deadline for December's issue is Dec. 1, 2008. To see the latest issue of moonshine (and the archived issues), please visit

We also sponsor a regional arts list hosted @ blogger -- drop me a line if you are interested in contributing.

For more information, please drop me (robin fay) a line at georgiawebgurl@gmail.com


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