Downtown food comes to campus

I have been alerted to a delivery service called ClunchTime serving central and south campuses at the University of Georgia. If you place an order two hours in advance, you can order food from Barberitos or Which Wich and have it delivered to the Student Learning Castle or the Science Library. There is a delivery charge, but a free beverage is included. Customers can select among a number of delivery times between lunchtime and later into the evening.

Business student Michael Peloquin launched the business this semester and has plans for expansion and heavier promotion next semester. The service will include more restaurants and reduce the lead time for placing orders. Peloquin explains that a different sort of delivery service is needed for people who need to stay on campus but can plan ahead for lunch, so ClunchTime can fill that need.


Holly M. said...

Don't you mean the Zell Miller Service Learning Castle? :)

P.S.: Adrian, you are just too clever.

Unknown said...

uh-oh. Now I'll never leave my desk. I'm going to pretend that I don't know about this service. ;-)