Citizen advisory on crime rate

From the Athens-Clarke County Police Department:

The ACCPD wants citizens to beware that residential burglaries, thefts and entering autos have increased dramatically during the past 8-10 months in various areas of ACC. Burglaries are even occurring in areas that have traditionally experienced relatively low crime rates.

The police department recommends that residents get to know their neighbors so that they know who is and who is not out of place in their respective communities. Also, helpful neighbors can watch for suspicious activities when other residents are away from home. Most residential burglary arrests during the past year have occurred because neighbors or victims called the police upon seeing something suspicious. There are also alarms available that will notify residents when a break-in occurs.

Student and low income residential neighborhoods are being disproportionately targeted by thieves. Both vehicles and rental property are being hit daily. All residents are encouraged to keep doors and windows locked and remove valuables from sight in cars. Thieves particularly are attracted to book bags, iPods, books and laptops in cars.

Residents should consider forming a Neighborhood Watch program. More information on neighborhood watches may be obtained by contacting Neighborhood Service Officer Katie Jones at 706-613-3358 X230.

Anyone who has information on suspects in burglaries or thefts are asked to contact Sgt. Randy Garrett at 706-353-4218 X149 or the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 706-613-3342.

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Christie said...

One item that seems particularly sought after lately by theives is navigation systems. I've heard of several cars broken into for this reason. Make sure you don't leave your navigation system or any other valuable where theives can see it!