Attorney mentor sought

I am seeking an attorney who can serve as my mentor when I pass the Georgia bar. This will fulfill a mandatory continuing legal education requirement for me, but I also want to use this as an opportunity to find an attorney in the Athens area who sincerely wants to help the legal profession by passing on professional values and judgment.

The program is called the Transition Into Law Practice Program, and mentors must be appointed by the Supreme Court. The requirements to serve in this program include five years of bar admission and professional liability insurance. If you are an attorney interested in serving in this program to help new lawyers in the near future, please read this information from the state bar. If you are interested in helping me in the near future after I am admitted to the bar, please e-mail me. I have met a lot of interesting people through this blog, so I figure my message here is worth a shot.

This mentor program is new, so most attorneys have not heard of it. The new requirements restrict the law practice of newly sworn attorneys, so it will be urgent that I complete certain steps in the program soon after admission.

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