Could Athens run completely out of gas?

Apparently there is some kind of sporting match that is bringing all kinds of visitors to our town right now. We're already having a gas shortage, so it is surely going to get worse. See "Note gas shortage, out-of-town fans advised" from the Athens Banner-Herald. Since Atlanta is experiencing this same shortage, some fans could be coming to Athens in their Expeditions and Tahoes without a full tank and so they'll need to fill up here.

I hope these folks are bringing some extra food for their tailgates. If we really do run out of gas and people get stranded in Athens when the hotels are already booked, we'll have something that looks Woodstock for middle-aged frat guys.

See also "Gas shortage may crimp weekend fun" in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


AShafer said...

"we'll have something that looks Woodstock for middle-aged frat guys"


Sneezy said...

Maybe this will encourage gas scalping?

Adrian Pritchett said...

I'll stand out next to the road and offer to sell my gas can for $50.

The guys with "need tickets" signs will have "need gas" signs instead.

Road to Happy said...

I'm planning to visit Athens for about three days starting this Thursday (Oct. 2), and am renting a car from the Atlanta airport. Will gas shortages lighten up by then?

Adrian Pritchett said...

Nouvelle, based on the latest news I think it will be better very soon. Just keep following ajc.com or another Atlanta news source. A story today reported that most of the Gulf refineries are back in operation, and within the last week the EPA temporarily loosened restrictions on the type of gasoline that can be sold in the Atlanta area in hopes of making more supplies available to us.

In Athens today I saw a number of empty gas stations but no long lines at the ones with gas.