Alleged horse thief

There are cars reported stolen just about every day in Athens, but this is rare:
Officers responded to a complaint of the theft of a horse from Cherokee Stables, 2435 Cherokee Rd. A witness was following the suspect who was riding the horse. Contact was made with both parties at Cherokee Rd/Beaverdam Rd around 1920 August 27. Investigation revealed the offender, DARLEEN NANCY CAST, lived at that location but did not have permission to handle or take the horse. The owner of the horse, LORI GERMAN of Dallas, confirmed this. CAST, 50, Cherokee Rd, was arrested and charged with Theft by Taking.
Reported by the Athens-Clarke County Police.


Tim said...

By God, back in the day they'd have strung ole Darleen up on the nearest pine tree. Durn horse thief!

Mike-El said...

A couple of years ago, when there were some cows taken out here in Winterville, the cop on the scene told me that we still had some crazy-ass cattle rustling laws on the books...so who knows?

I don't wish the noose on her but it would be kinda fun to run somebody out of town on a rail, maybe.