seeking sunflower field

Well, this is only tangentially related to athens, but I don't know who else to ask.
I'm looking for a sunflower field to photograph -- preferably one visible from a public property (road, park, parking lot, etc.)

I will gladly share my pix/digital images with the owner, but if I can find a field that I can just shoot without bothering anyone, that would be lovely.

Also would prefer someplace where I won't get shot at for being a trepasser ;-)

any suggestions?

thnx robin ( my photos @ flickr, if you're curious)


Tim said...

There has been a sunflower field out in Oconee County the last two or three years. I'll check today on the way home to see if it has been planted again. If you go out old 441 and turn right at the Stone Store and head towards Butler's Crossing its on the left at the UGA farm. I'll let you know if they planted this year. Last year it got pretty 'wilty'.

Unknown said...

ah-ha! I knew there would be one around here somewhere. I'll await until the report.

Tiffany said...


Rutledge, GA has a sunflower festival this weekend. It's right near Madison, so not too far away.

Unknown said...

ooh! ooh! wow, that sounds cool! thanks for sharing.

Tim said...

I checked that field yesterday and it appears to be lying fallow. So, maybe Rutledge is your best bet.
Remember to return to Rutledge in the early winter for their annual chitlins festival. Thats not to be missed...

Unknown said...

Sunflower Festival pix & more...

Thanks all for the suggestions.

The sunflower farm festival was neat. About 50 vendors and food stalls -- the usual -- bbq, chicken salad, fried, fried, and more fried -- including oreos! Arts and crafts wise some garden art (concrete fairies, etc.), handmade jewelry, paintings, etc.

I missed the antique tractor parade and I deliberately missed the "hay" ride (no hay involved).

I didn't make it all of the way through the "enchanted forest" nature walk. Although it seemed like it was supposed to be kid friendly with little activities and lots of little fairy and gnome stuff, the dead deer skulls kind of creeped me out.

Parking was free, but the festival was 5$ plus 10$ to pick sunflowers (as many as you could stuff into your choice of a red, green, or white big plastic vase, which had a sticker on it, stating, Happy Holidays.)

For those who needed or wanted it, a free shuttle via golf cart was also provided between the parking "area" and the main gate.

Rightfully so, the grand feature was the approximately 2 acre sunflower field.

You can see my pix here