Roadside Ritual/Service On Cherokee?

Early this evening (Saturday, the 12th, around 6:00 PM or so), the wife and I were coming home to Winterville when we spotted a robed man conducting what looked like some kind of ritual or service by the side of Cherokee Road. It was about a quarter-mile past the skating rink and just before the Beaver Dam Road intersection. The man was clad head-to-toe in heavy black robes (including a hood) and there was an ornate crucifix-like design embroidered on the back. He was doing his thing just off to the side of the road with his back to the traffic that was zipping by only a few feet away. Even more interestingly, he was flanked by two Georgia State Troopers who were presumably standing watch for his protection.

Anybody else see this scene and/or know what was up?

UPDATE: Driving past the site this morning (Sunday), I noticed that there are now a half-dozen crude, spindly crucifixes by the side of the road. They start in front of the cemetery and extend to the old day care center location. The fragile crosses are 75 or so feet apart and appear to be made from snow-white twigs/branches.


Lindsay Masland said...

I've seen this guy several times, although never actually engaged in the ritual. I've only seen him carrying a crucifix down the road, so I always assumed it was some sort of bring-myself-nearer-to-Jesus-by carrying-a-crucifix-in-the-heat-type thing . . . now I'm really intrigued . . . and is this is the same guy that wears a cape and carries 2 shovels down the road? I typically see this(these) guy(s) on Winterville Rd.

ACCBiker said...

Yep - the same guy. He gave an "explanation" as to what he was doing at the end of the last meeting of the Mayor and Commission - check it out on-line at athensclarkecounty.com. A true nut job.

He lives in the home just north of Beaverdam with all of the signs and banners draped over the fence in front of his home.

Mike-El said...

Just watched the video online. That's got to be him.

And I realized yesterday that the two state troopers might not have necessarily been assigned to protect the guy. They could've been using the nearby firing range and simply stopped to case him out. They certainly weren't accosting him in any way when I drove by.