We Are The "Tasty" World!!!!

We Are The "Tasty" World!!!! We Are The

J.BIRD!! Wassup, bro? It's Ty from THE BEARFOOT HOOKERS. I have a crazy idea planned for our final song @ ATHFEST & i want you there! We are playing the last time slot @ tastyworld on that friday. We go on a little before 1:00am. Here's my crazy idea: We are gonna cover quincy jones & michael jackson's "WE ARE THE WORLD!" I have a big sign that says "WE ARE THE" I'm gonna hang it over the word "tasty" on the tasyworld sign. Get it? hehehe I also have rounded up 14 or so local musicians to help us. I have clay leverette, jared from the Dictartots, adam payne, betsy franck, 50/50 claire from hope for a golden summer, & i want Ken Will Morton to be bob Dylan, i've got carla lafever for tina turner. i'm gonna be lionel ritchie. fester is gonna be kenny rogers. whatcha think? can we get some coverage on the daily hangover? ...& or 100.7? i also have 30 choir robes. when it modulates up near the end, i want a choir to walkin the front door wearing robes and singing their heats out. it would be cool if you could be a chorus member, or hell it would be cool if you could be our choir director! yeah!! that would kick ass! just call me bro. i'm still brainstorming a little bit! if you know anybody who wants to sing, especially a cindy lauperesque voice, let me know that too. oh well, i gotta go. thanks for being so cool to all of us local musicians. you rock! play some hookers! josh gets out of jail Oct.
16th! wish us luck for the athfest festivities! later later!, If you see Ken Will, tell'em to call me! - TY

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