Mike Hamby now running for commission

Mike Hamby has qualified to run for Athens-Clarke County Commission District 10. As posted earlier, Elton Dodson is running in that district for reelection.

(We should have a microblog version of Athens World.)

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Winfield J. Abbe said...

One very important contested partisan election coming up July 15, 2008 is the one for Chief Magistrate of Clarke County. The incumbent is being challenged by the former Chief Magistrate Michael
Coleman. The only way to vote in this election is to choose the Democratic Ballot. This choice will not appear on the Republican Ballot as one can verify by reading them at the Board of Elections website. If voters feel strongly about this race, as some do, it will be necessary to sacrifice the other Republican primary choices this time in order to have a voice in this race, especially if you may have been one of those mistreated in this court in the past. It is unfortunate that these choices must be made in order to have a vote in this vitally inportant election this year. This is just another of the many failures of the election law in Georgia. This contest should clearly be non partisan.