Leaf and limb pickup

If you live in the Athens area, how do you get rid of your leaf and limb waste? At my house we don't employ a lawn maintenance service, so we depend on Athens-Clarke County's leaf and limb pickup service. However, the service is inconvenient and unreliable because it comes around only once every six or seven weeks, and the scheduled pickup is a one-week window -- plenty of time to kill the grass that the waste sits on while waiting to be picked up. (Most municipal pickup services schedule one certain day for a neighborhood, and they collect more frequently. Our service here is underfunded and inadequate.) I don't have a pickup truck to haul off waste, and I'm not going to buy one because I want a fuel-efficient car as my main vehicle and I have no place to park an extra vehicle. Are there any private companies that will haul off leaf and limb waste cheaply?


hillary said...

How often do you trim stuff/rake leaves? We are fairly lazy about it, so it works out nicely. Also, we have a garage in which to store bags while waiting for our week.

Adrian Pritchett said...

I don't trim and rake very often, fortunately, but it needs to be timed near the pickup week. I kept bags of leaves for several weeks one time, and they bred termites. I don't have any enclosed space to keep them. Do you have some kind of resilient fescue along the roadway that doesn't mind being covered by leaf bags for several days?

hillary said...

I have an area under a tree that already doesn't have any grass on it. And I time raking and such to when the pickup week is.