Friday Musings

Summer time on North Campus is prime time listening to the orientation groups/guides coming through. The arrival of such a group was heralded by the ringing of the Chapel bell. I think that was stop 1 on the North Campus orientation. I said was because with the bell tower under renovation the ringing has stopped for now. From my station on one of the benches on the North Campus quads I have heard in recent weeks that the Library has developed its own search engine which is better than google to help students find the books, articles, and journals needed for students to complete their assignments. BUT!! If this state of the art search engine fails to find what you need, the Library is staffed 24x7 with Librarians who will find what you need. I also found out that the North Campus squirrels were not afraid of humans, were aggressive and need to be left alone if not avoided altogether. I found out that the oak trees on North Campus are over 100 years old. I suppose some of the alpha squirrels are up there around 100 years old as well. Mean as they are..

Why is it that the people in glasses ads on teevee all look like they have never worn a pair of eye glasses in their life until that ad was taped?

Some of the running commentaries on the letters to the editor on flagpole.com are highly amusing reading. Some of it is mean-spirited garbage, but a lot of it is really clever stuff.

A sponsor blurb on NPR the other day informed me that Range Rover is the vehicle of choice for humanitarians. I did not know that.

When did it become a requirement for pre-convention nominees from both parties to be referred to as 'presumptive nominee'? Are the media outlets worried about a lawsuit if the Clintons steal the nomination? (But but, you said nominee!!!!). I never heard this term before this campaign cycle, but almost all the talking heads say that.

What in the hell is nougat? I know its a part of a candy bar, but really, what is it? Who invented it? And why that name?


Adrian Pritchett said...

I've noticed in the LensCrafters advertising that the glasses stand out for some reason. Maybe they only exhibit the bold styles. At our LensCrafters in Athens I have found that they are outrageously expensive. Sometimes I go to Adams Optics even though they made errors in the past.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

orientation tours!!! I've heard some of the most amazing "facts" about the library imaginable..

thanks for sharing. ;-)

Ashley said...

I've often wondered myself what constitutes "nougat." It seems that there are different kinds of nougat also, which makes one think that the term is about the consistency and not the ingredients?

Also, re the glasses...it's because those people look happy. Clearly, they were never called "four eyes" on the bus at age 12.

Tim said...

The whole nougat thing got me to thinking about the candy of my youth. I thought about posting an entry about it. For now, who remembers BB Bats, Goobers, Chick-o-Sticks, Kits, Fruit Stripe Gum?
I could go on and on about the candy we bought at the Palace or Georgia Theater or at the Plaza 5&10 at 5 Points. I don't eat candy or even desserts these days, but I remember a lot of junk we used to eat. Like those little wax bottles with colored (and supposedly flavored) water in them...
There are different type of nougat, you're right. Maybe it has to do with where its mined?