Changes to watering restrictions and another criticism of leaf and limb service

When the watering restrictions schedule gets this complicated, you have something that will be even more difficult to follow or enforce. It takes effect on June 30. I'll just refer you to an official webpage.

In other county government news, the leaf and limb pickup schedule has been reduced to once every eight weeks instead of six because of the budget cuts for the next fiscal year. That is phenomenal considering how inadequate the schedule already was. Other cities have pickups every one or two weeks, yet once every six weeks has become too rich for us. Yes, if we can't do it right we may as well cut it out completely. Eight weeks is too infrequent to be useful. We're still paying taxes for a service that we might rarely use, but on top of that many residents are already often paying landscapers and landfill fees to get rid of their yard waste in a timely manner. Perhaps it should be free to dump leaf and limb waste since we're already saving the county so much money by bringing it to the landfill ourselves.


ACCBiker said...

Come on Adrian. With your recently minted law degree you can't figure out when to water? I personally found the table fairly straight forward.

Personally, I can't believe that any sprinkler watering should be allowed right now given the dangerous low level of the river and trickle of it's discharge rate.

Adrian Pritchett said...

My point is not that "Adrian can't interpret this table" but that the rules are too complicated to be followed or enforced as simpler rules would be. Residents that casually water aren't going to memorize these weird schedules that change two or more times per year, and neighbors that help enforce the restrictions aren't going to be as clear themselves. (Instead of just seeing which side of the street the potentially offending neighbor lives on, now the nosey neighbors will have to check out address numbers.)