PAWs Cookout Sat!

Earthfare is holding a benefit cookout for PAWS tomorrow (Saturday, June 28) from 11-2. Pets welcome! PAWS provides assistance to people on limited incomes to spay/neuter their pets. Come share some great food for a great cause!

More about PAWS can be found here

Scenes from the Mayflower

I ate lunch at the Mayflower this afternoon and man what a treat it was. Not the food, which was also very good, but the things/people I observed there is what made it the treat it turned out to be. (Salmon patties, fried okra, turnip greens, corn bread and of course sweet tea for those who might wonder what I ate).

I was in the next to rear most booth, sitting by myself. An elderly gentleman came in after me and sat the booth right behind me. Shortly after that four college aged kids sat in the booth in front of me. In the front of the restaurant was a little middle aged guy, balding, maybe 5’5” and 140 pounds tops. I have seen him almost every time I have been in the Mayflower. What is remarkable about him is that he is almost a living cartoon character. He is highly animated, he flits around from table to cash register, then out the door to chase someone down on the sidewalk, then back in the door and over to the table, all the while gesturing with his hands. Pondering this, I heard the older waitress asking the gentleman behind me how he was doing, calling him by name. So he’s a regular too. The old man literally wailed saying this was the worst day of his life. His bird died this morning he reported, then broke down into sobs. The waitress tried to comfort him to no avail and left to get his tea. No order was ever placed, his Friday ritual is no doubt well defined over the years. I sat with my back to him, listening as he occasionally heaved a big sigh or a sob. I felt bad for the old man.

Now the four kids in front of me had placed their order and after their tea was delivered, one of the kids asked if they could pray. They clasped hands and one began to pray. Daddy God, he began, and went on to thank him for allowing them to share witness with others. The prayer was interspersed with references to Jesus, Daddy God, Father, Daddy, and each sentence usually began with something like ‘Daddy, we just come asking..... followed by some directions for God to follow to benefit the petitioners. Lots of humble ‘We just ask’, ‘We just thank’, We just take time’, you get the picture. I also heard him ask that, ‘much like you, Father God, designed our bodies to use this food prepared for us, we just ask that you use our bodies in your kingdom’. I had to wait then to see if any of them had ordered spaghetti, but they didn’t. That would have been too weird.

Now, along with this lengthy instruction to God, superimpose the sobs of an old man behind me. Superimpose a living cartoon character on that composite scene, and you might understand why I was beginning to feel weird. I ate more slowly to see what else might unfold. Once the prayerful kids’ food was delivered, their conversation turned to obese dogs, cell phone ring tones and other more mundane topics. The cartoon character danced out the door after paying his bill at the cash register. The old man continued to occasionally sob or sigh behind me. I thought for a moment about asking the kids in front of me to instruct God with respect to the dead bird, but thought better of it. Maybe God doesn’t care about dead birds, particularly this close to another SEC football season.

Paying my bill, I asked the lady at the cash register about the dead bird and the cartoon guy. She rolled her eyes, smiled and told me I ought to eat there more often. She’s right. I will.


Mike Hamby now running for commission

Mike Hamby has qualified to run for Athens-Clarke County Commission District 10. As posted earlier, Elton Dodson is running in that district for reelection.

(We should have a microblog version of Athens World.)


Changes to watering restrictions and another criticism of leaf and limb service

When the watering restrictions schedule gets this complicated, you have something that will be even more difficult to follow or enforce. It takes effect on June 30. I'll just refer you to an official webpage.

In other county government news, the leaf and limb pickup schedule has been reduced to once every eight weeks instead of six because of the budget cuts for the next fiscal year. That is phenomenal considering how inadequate the schedule already was. Other cities have pickups every one or two weeks, yet once every six weeks has become too rich for us. Yes, if we can't do it right we may as well cut it out completely. Eight weeks is too infrequent to be useful. We're still paying taxes for a service that we might rarely use, but on top of that many residents are already often paying landscapers and landfill fees to get rid of their yard waste in a timely manner. Perhaps it should be free to dump leaf and limb waste since we're already saving the county so much money by bringing it to the landfill ourselves.

ACC Library Booksale

Friends of the Athens-Clarke County Library Summer Book Sale Saturday, June 28, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.*

Thousands of books for sale including fiction, non-fiction, hardbacks and paperbacks. Free admission. Call (706)613-3650, ext. 344 for more information. In the Library's Lobby.


Kite to the Moon - Tigers! Live @ Athfest 2008

Spring Valley EcoFarms

Spring Valley EcoFarms reports on its research and outreach programs and recent tours:

As flood waters subside from Midwestern farms and Georgia growers struggle through a drought, media outlets have jumped at the chance to educate the public about food. However, five-minute video clips or 250-word articles lack what Spring Valley EcoFarms offers: information rooted deeply in research.

For 15 years, academics, college students and farming professionals visiting the 100-acre facility have learned how to improve soil quality, rely on nature's nutrients for increased crop yields, and implement the latest techniques in organic farming. The farm's Agroecology Lab continues to be a research station for the undergraduate and graduate students within University of Georgia's Odum School of Ecology. Full Moon Farm, also located on the Athens property, provides farmers across Georgia and beyond with a business model necessary to implement community supported agriculture.

Now the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization enters a new stage of educational outreach by opening its gates to students in northeast Georgia's public schools. In May, nearly 90 third-graders from Timothy Road Elementary School explored Spring Valley EcoFarms. Kari Speakman, a Timothy Road Elementary teacher, says: "The tour fit (with our school curriculum) because the students were able to see animals in their natural habitats. They also saw how plants can grow without chemicals."

Sites within a farm tour include: a two-acre old-growth hickory forest, an original farmhouse built in 1868, free-range chickens, pigs and cows, a greenhouse with rare and endangered plants from Southeast China, as well as an active organic fruit and vegetable farm. "Spring Valley EcoFarms creates an outdoor learning laboratory that allows kids and adults an opportunity to use all their senses in order to understand how farm life can work with nature to produce food for people while also conserving nature," says tour leader Rachel Smalls, a graduate student at the University of Georgia.

Anabel Foucart, the farm's vice president and marketing communications director, explains that exposure to such outdoor learning labs is key for today’s school children. She says, "At Spring Valley EcoFarms we feel there is a need to support public schools through outreach. Our objective is to educate children in 'green' and environmental subject matter in a fun but strategic fashion, taking the burden off of the teachers who are focused on developing basic skills. We have the resources and talent to roll this out to children of all ages and backgrounds -- and hope to encourage a vivid interest and dialogue around sustainable themes and conservation."

As the consumer -- either young or adult -- continues to learn about food safety and increasing food costs, Spring Valley EcoFarms will continue serving as an open-air classroom. To learn more about the farm or schedule a tour, please visit www.springvalleyecofarms.org.

Email SVE: info@springvalleyecofarms.org
Call SVE: 706-410-0945


Friday Musings

Summer time on North Campus is prime time listening to the orientation groups/guides coming through. The arrival of such a group was heralded by the ringing of the Chapel bell. I think that was stop 1 on the North Campus orientation. I said was because with the bell tower under renovation the ringing has stopped for now. From my station on one of the benches on the North Campus quads I have heard in recent weeks that the Library has developed its own search engine which is better than google to help students find the books, articles, and journals needed for students to complete their assignments. BUT!! If this state of the art search engine fails to find what you need, the Library is staffed 24x7 with Librarians who will find what you need. I also found out that the North Campus squirrels were not afraid of humans, were aggressive and need to be left alone if not avoided altogether. I found out that the oak trees on North Campus are over 100 years old. I suppose some of the alpha squirrels are up there around 100 years old as well. Mean as they are..

Why is it that the people in glasses ads on teevee all look like they have never worn a pair of eye glasses in their life until that ad was taped?

Some of the running commentaries on the letters to the editor on flagpole.com are highly amusing reading. Some of it is mean-spirited garbage, but a lot of it is really clever stuff.

A sponsor blurb on NPR the other day informed me that Range Rover is the vehicle of choice for humanitarians. I did not know that.

When did it become a requirement for pre-convention nominees from both parties to be referred to as 'presumptive nominee'? Are the media outlets worried about a lawsuit if the Clintons steal the nomination? (But but, you said nominee!!!!). I never heard this term before this campaign cycle, but almost all the talking heads say that.

What in the hell is nougat? I know its a part of a candy bar, but really, what is it? Who invented it? And why that name?

2008 Sprockets Music Video Competition

Best Video and Audience Choice Award!

Audience Choice Award: Kite to the Moon - Tigerz!

Best Video: the Foreigner by the Buddyrevelles directed by Joe Pickett



2008 Sprockets Music Video Competition - 6 videos in the running for Best Video and Audience Choice Award!

A Ghost To Most by Drive-By Truckers directed by Jason Thrasher
Pasadena by Modern Skirts directed by Jack Wallis
Return to Horse Mountain by the Buddy System directed by Craig Sheldon & Lauren Gregg
the Foreigner by the Buddyrevelles directed by Joe Pickett
Tigerz by Kite To the Moon directed by Eric Krasle
To My Love Who Disappeared by Blue Flashing Light directed by J.J. Bower

Sprockets Music Video Show

In association with AthFest 2008, presented by Film::Athens: The 5th annual Sprockets Show features in competition music videos from Athens and beyond. Come to the show and vote for your favorite video to win the Audience Choice award.

The "Best Music Video" and "Audience Choice" videos will be screened and awarded at the Flagpole Music Awards Thursday, June 19th at the Morton Theatre.

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Conversation venues

Please post comments about your favorite bars downtown where you can engage in conversation. In Athens we pride ourselves on our discourse over intellectual matters and politics, but I have found it difficult to find a bar downtown that doesn't blast music. I have been involved with a couple of groups that assembled to talk about politics, but discussion was hampered by noise and recorded music.

One group met at the Globe. By the time we had more than four people together it became impossible to hear because of the music. With the music at moderate volume everyone in the whole place had to speak loudly, making it even harder to hear. Even though this place has been called the "best bar in America" by Esquire magazine, Athens World has determined it is one of the worst places in Athens for a group discussion.

Max Canada was much worse. Another group has tried to meet here at a time when no one else was even patronizing the place. Multiple members of the group asked the bartender to turn down the music, but he barely tweaked the volume. This happened on two different days, and each time more than one member of the party asked for the music to be turned so they could have a group conversation. This group will not be returning to Max Canada.

So please let us know of a bar where it is actually possible to have a conversation. Is there one that doesn't even play music?

beginner trapeze yoga class; drumming workshop

Canopy Studio is offering an adult beginner trapeze workshop this Saturday, June 21st from 2:00 - 3:30pm for a cost of $25. Please join us!

In this workshop, you will to learn the basics of trapeze dance, including tricks, proper body positioning, balance, and creative movement. An introduction to stretch and strength work will also be incorporated into the classes.

Also there's a Drumming Workshop at Canopy on Sat. and Sun. June 28 and June 29 from 4 ­ 6 pm. Please join us for an African Drumming Extravaganza with Master Drummer Eric Bli Bi Gore from Djsanufla, Ivory Coast. He studied for 10 years under the Master drummer in his village, beginning at age 6 and he has over 20 years drumming experience. Some extra drums will be provided.The cost is $20 per course or $30 for both classes. To register or for more
information, contact Andrew at 706-614-3854

We will be announcing additional workshops as well as a performance by The Colorful Hat at Canopy in July.

If you have questions or if you would like to register, please e-mail Tina
Ridley at info@canopystudio.com

Canopy Studio
PO Box 7801
Athens, GA 30604


ACT Theatre June 26-28

Sweet! Athens Creative Theatre presents a special Dessert Theatre presentation of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress.

This show is scheduled for June 26-28 at 7:30 p.m. with a 3:00 p.m matinee on Sunday, June 29. All performances take place at Quinn Hall. Reservations are required. The show features a special dessert buffet at Intermission, included in the ticket price.

For reservations, please call (706) 613-3628. For show details, please call (706) 613-3628 or visit www.athenscreativetheatre.com


Shakespeare from the Rose of Athens Theatre

Get your Shakespeare and dinner deals at the Georgia Center. Rose of Athens Theatre!
This is wonderful FUN Shakespeare performed by dazzling professional actors here in Athens. A Midsummer Night's Dream opens on Thursday, June 19th at the Georgia Center and runs for two weeks followed by The Taming of the Shrew!

Norman Ferguson in The Taming of the Shrew

Here are the barest details....

WHAT: A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Taming of the Shrew.
WHERE: Mahler Auditorium at The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Hotel and Conference Center.
WHEN: (see below)

COST: At the Georgia Center: $10 for 25 years and younger, $15 gen admission, $32 for and child's meal at the Savannah Room and theater ticket, $37 for an adults meal at the Savannah Room and theater ticket
Ashford Manor: $12 gen admission,
CONTACT: 706-340-9181 Rose of Athens Theatre tickets

Here is more complete list of dates and times at the Georgia Center:
A Midsummer Night's Dream
June 19-22 8pm
June 27-28 8pm
June 29 5:30pm

The Taming of the Shrew
July 3, 5 8pm
July 6 5:30pm
July 10-12 8pm
July 13 5:30pm

And at Ashford Manor's Summer Shakespeare on the Lawn.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
July 18-20 8pm

Rose of Athens Theatre
PO Box 626
Athens, GA 30603

"Professional Theatre, Community Spirit"
Founded: 2006
Athens' professional nonprofit 501(c)(3) theatre, using diverse production values to produce great stories new and old, integrating Georgia musicians and high physicality, while producing classics, new tales and Pulitzer prize winners.


We Are The "Tasty" World!!!!

We Are The "Tasty" World!!!! We Are The

J.BIRD!! Wassup, bro? It's Ty from THE BEARFOOT HOOKERS. I have a crazy idea planned for our final song @ ATHFEST & i want you there! We are playing the last time slot @ tastyworld on that friday. We go on a little before 1:00am. Here's my crazy idea: We are gonna cover quincy jones & michael jackson's "WE ARE THE WORLD!" I have a big sign that says "WE ARE THE" I'm gonna hang it over the word "tasty" on the tasyworld sign. Get it? hehehe I also have rounded up 14 or so local musicians to help us. I have clay leverette, jared from the Dictartots, adam payne, betsy franck, 50/50 claire from hope for a golden summer, & i want Ken Will Morton to be bob Dylan, i've got carla lafever for tina turner. i'm gonna be lionel ritchie. fester is gonna be kenny rogers. whatcha think? can we get some coverage on the daily hangover? ...& or 100.7? i also have 30 choir robes. when it modulates up near the end, i want a choir to walkin the front door wearing robes and singing their heats out. it would be cool if you could be a chorus member, or hell it would be cool if you could be our choir director! yeah!! that would kick ass! just call me bro. i'm still brainstorming a little bit! if you know anybody who wants to sing, especially a cindy lauperesque voice, let me know that too. oh well, i gotta go. thanks for being so cool to all of us local musicians. you rock! play some hookers! josh gets out of jail Oct.
16th! wish us luck for the athfest festivities! later later!, If you see Ken Will, tell'em to call me! - TY


free day in the state parks!

Free Day in the Parks
Saturday, June 14, 2008
All 63 State Parks

To kick off the state's "Get Outdoors Georgia" initiative, every one of Georgia's 63 state parks and state historic sites will be free for every Georgian on Saturday, June 14 - just in time for Father's Day weekend. All parking fees and admission fees will be waived for a full day to enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, picnicking and dozens of other activities in the parks.

Free Day in the Parks is made possible by support from The Coca-Cola Company.

Go to
for more information.


Derby Dearest -- Classic City Rollergirls bout

On Sunday, June 15th the Classic City Rollergirls will compete in their second home bout of the season against the Savannah Derby Devils. "Derby Dearest" will feature three periods of fast-paced roller derby as well as intermission entertainment by Mad Whiskey Grin and Friends. The action begins at 7pm (doors open at 6pm) at Skate Around USA, 3030 Cherokee Road, in Athens. Roller Derby is family friendly so bring the kids! Admission at the door is $10 for adults, $5 for children 6 10 and children under 6 are free! Adult tickets can be purchased in advance for $8 through any rollergirl or on our Web site. Please also join the rollergirls for the after-party at Kingpins in the Homewood Hills Shopping Center.

A portion of the proceeds from Derby Dearest will help support Athens Oconee CASA, the CCRG sponsored charity for June. The Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program works with children placed in the care of the social services system. The programs mission is to provide advocates to speak for the best interests of abused and neglected children in court.

Flat Penny Studio Closed

Flat Penny Folk Art Gallery @ 675 Pulaski Street, Suite 1600 closed as of January. Probably old news to some.

Leaf and limb pickup

If you live in the Athens area, how do you get rid of your leaf and limb waste? At my house we don't employ a lawn maintenance service, so we depend on Athens-Clarke County's leaf and limb pickup service. However, the service is inconvenient and unreliable because it comes around only once every six or seven weeks, and the scheduled pickup is a one-week window -- plenty of time to kill the grass that the waste sits on while waiting to be picked up. (Most municipal pickup services schedule one certain day for a neighborhood, and they collect more frequently. Our service here is underfunded and inadequate.) I don't have a pickup truck to haul off waste, and I'm not going to buy one because I want a fuel-efficient car as my main vehicle and I have no place to park an extra vehicle. Are there any private companies that will haul off leaf and limb waste cheaply?


The Fantasticks

The Town and Gown Players present the musical "The Fantasticks" this weekend (June 13-15) and next Thursday through Sunday (June 19-22) in conjunction with AthFest. It's a story of two neighbors using reverse psychology in an attempt to arrange a marriage between their children. They stage a feud and forbid the boy and girl from seeing each other, expecting them to rebel. The trick works and the two do fall in love, but that only lasts until they discover the plot. They set out in the world to live their own separate lives, but they come together again after realizing that time is the "most stringent teacher." Director Julie Ramsey says, "This show is a classic. It has everything: wit, love, swords, slaps, and kisses!"

Shows are at 8 p.m. except for Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. There will be a reception after the show on opening night. General admission is $18, and admission for students, seniors, and members is $15. The Thursday show is a bargain price of $5, and admission with an AthFest wristband is $5. You can make reservations by calling (706) 208-8696.


New shelving for periodicals at the UGA Main Library

L. Riverside reviews “The Bookshelf” by Amy Watts:
Following the monumental documentary “Candy and Children,” where we are shown the worldwide plight of children by the candy industry, with “The Bookshelf” A. Watts shows her ability to stun and inform her audience and takes us to a trip to the deeper meaning of discovery.

The movie takes place in a library, the setting is minimalist, forcing the audience to focus on the main message, and, like in her previous movie, there is no dialogue. Watts has clearly been influenced by the great masters, like Bergman and Tarkovsky, but she takes the action (or lack of it) to a completely different level. It would be misleading to say that Watts removes dialogue from her screenplays, instead, she adds no dialogue, revealing her maturity and mastery of filmmaking,

The film reaches its climax when the main (and only) character, brilliant performed by P. Reidenbaugh, already satiated by one magazine, lifts the bookshelf, like a skirt, and reaches for the interior of the bookshelf, where a fertile womb of knowledge and inspiration awaits him. The meaning is clear: if we want to advance knowledge we need to look behind and ahead and remove obstacles (skirts being one of them).

P. Reidenbaugh has a flawless interpretation. Despite the difficulties of his role, Reidenbaugh manages the subtleties of emotions with perfect control and keeps a dignified and upright position during the entire movie.

This movie is a must see to everyone interested in culture, education and bookshelves, especially bookshelves.

TIGERS - Video Trailer - Kite to the Moon

Look out for tigers!


Juviley tour stop at Flicker Theatre and Bar

Or Zubalsky is bringing his indie folk-pop musical project called Juviley to the Flicker Theatre and Bar this Tuesday, June 10 in a show starting at 8:30 p.m. and also featuring Fairmount Fair on the bill. He also plans to give an on-air performance and interview at 4:00 p.m. on WUGA (91.7 and 97.9 FM). Zubalsky is a musician coming from New York City and touring on his own these days. Before he began writing his own songs he toured with the Israeli indie acts Shy Nobleman, Geva Alon, and Daphna and the Cookies. Athens has been on his list of places to visit because it has been the home of many musicians he admires.

Zubalsky's music is soft, bittersweet, dreamlike, and enchanting. He encourages you to become familiar with it before coming to the show, and the tracks from his album "How to Miss the Ground" are available on the Juviley website. Some of his songs carry a specific message while others simply convey a mood. He chose the name Juviley for his project because it is a name that has stuck with him ever since using it for a cartoon character that he drew as a child.

Ken Will Morton

Jon Bird shows off his truck in Athens GA


Kite to the Moon Live @ Athens Human Rights Fest 30


Voted 2007 Sprokets Audience Choice Award

Happening at the library

The Athens-Clarke County Library has a lot going on this month.

Saturday, June 14: The Ancient Egypt program begins at 1 p.m. with Julia Prittie telling the story of Osiris and Isis along with other ancient tales in a presentation for all ages. She will then show slides about mummification and have the participants become "artists of the temple" and prepare their own mummy accessories.

Tuesday, June 17: A class called "Getting Started with Genealogy" will be held from 6 to 8:30 p.m. in the Heritage Room. This class is intended to help patrons learn how to begin researching their family tree, and no registration is required.

Saturday, June 28: The Summer Book Sale runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a selection of fiction and non-fiction in hardback and paperback. Proceeds will benefit the library.


Classic City Rollergirls take on the Savannah Derby Devils in “Derby Dearest.”

Classic City Rollergirls take on the Savannah Derby Devils in “Derby Dearest.”

Athens, GA – The Classic City Rollergirls are looking for a win against the Savannah Derby Devils after the heartbreaking two point loss in their first home bout of the season against Asheville. “Derby Dearest” will pin the Devils from Savannah against the Athens’ rollergirls for the second year in a row--Classic City pulled off a win in the league’s inaugural bout. A portion of the proceeds from “Derby Dearest” will help support Athens Oconee CASA, the CCRG sponsored charity for June. The Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program works with children placed in the care of the social services system. The program’s mission is to provide advocates to speak for the best interests of abused and neglected children in court.

On Sunday, June 15th the Classic City Rollergirls will compete in their second home bout of the season against the Savannah Derby Devils. "Derby Dearest" will feature three periods of fast-paced roller derby as well as intermission entertainment by Mad Whiskey Grin and Corduroy Road. The action begins at 7pm (doors open at 6pm) at Skate Around USA, 3030 Cherokee Road, in Athens. Roller Derby is family friendly so bring the kids! Admission at the door is $10 for adults, $5 for children 6 – 10 and children under 6 are free! Adult tickets can be purchased in advance for $8 through any rollergirl or on our Web site. Please also join the rollergirls for the after-party at Kingpins in the Homewood Hills Shopping Center.

To purchase tickets or for more information about the Classic City Rollergirls, visit our website at www.classiccityrollergirls.com

ABOUT CLASSIC CITY ROLLERGIRLS – The Classic City Rollergirls are an all female, flat track Roller Derby League. They formed in the summer of 2006 and are one of over 200 active leagues currently in the U.S. and Canada. The league includes a diverse group over 30 skaters, ranging in age from 18 to over 40. This will be their third bout of the 2008 season. The Classic City Rollergirls have already battled the Blue Ridge Rollergirls from Asheville, NC at home and will face Atlanta’s Toxic Shocks in Atlanta the day before they play Savannah! The girls are very involved in the community and have volunteered with different organizations including AIDS Athens, Habitat for Humanity, Project Safe, Athens Area Homeless Shelter, Athens Literacy Council, and Canine Companions for Independence. The rollergirls are always recruiting new sponsors and if you want to be a skater come to the rollergirl boot camp in June! Visit their website classiccityrollergirls.com for more information and for a schedule of future events.

Trina Morris (aka Melony Fistdemeanor), 717-398-9271, media@classiccityrollergirls.com, classiccityrollergirls.com

Athens Farmers Market/Festival at Bishop Park

I keep meaning to visit the Athens Farmers Market at Bishop Park, although after checking out the list of vendors, I am a little surprised at how many arts and crafts folks are listed, but then again, this is Athens. Art and artists are everywhere! I do think it's a marvelous idea and I hope more local farmers contribute. I'm definitely going to check it out for pumpkins this fall.

For those of you who have gone to the Farmers Market @ Bishop Park, what do you think?

The next Farmer's Market Day: SATURDAY, June 6, 2008
8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Bishop Park, Picnic Pavillion, 705 Sunset Drive

The website is located at http://www.athensfarmersmarket.net/


ACC nature activities -- June 7th

National Trails Day! Join ACC Leisure Services in the celebration of National Trails Day with a volunteer work day scheduled for Saturday, June 7 at 9:00 a.m. Volunteers will work along Cook's Trail beginning at Sandy Creek Park. Call (706) 613-3615, ext. 227 to sign up.

Visit www.accleisureservices.com/volunteer.shtml or call (706) 613-3615, ext. 227 for more information.

Don't be Rattled! Sandy Creek Nature Center hosts the 30th Annual Snake Day! This event is scheduled for Saturday, June 7 from Noon - 4:00 p.m.

Please visit www.accleisureservices.com/special_events.shtml or call (706) 613-361