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Hello, writers!

We are initiating a new group for writers to get together and share work. The group is open to all kinds of writing: poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction, even dissertation work.

The intent of this group is to give feedback that is constructive and affirming. The method is outlined below. Depending on the size of the group, one to two members will share work at each meeting, and the group will spend about 30 minutes on each author's work. The writer is not so much receiving editing advice as she is receiving a reflection of the impact her work has on its audience. Each author decides what feedback is helpful to her and suits her piece. Membership in the group is free.

Meeting Schedule
7-7:15 Get settled. Share business.
7:15 First author receives feedback
- Author reads through her work twice while others listen
- Author asks the group questions such as:
--- What words phrases stand out to you?
--- What message do you get as you listen?
--- Tell the story of how you felt moment by moment as you listened.
--- Give a metaphor for the writing.
- Listeners ask writer questions such as:
--- How is this feedback for you?
--- What do you want to change about your work?
--- How can we help?
7:45 Second author (if available) receives feedback
8:15 General reflections on the process
8:30 Coffee and conversation

The group will meet on the last Monday of the month, starting April 28.

For more information or to sign up, e-mail Lee Ann at leeann@uga.edu

Looking forward to working and writing with you,
Lee Ann Pingel

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