Reading is encouraged

From the Athens-Clarke County Library:
The Athens-Clarke County Library is once again hosting its popular Summer Reading Programs for all ages. Summer reading programs kick off May 21 and continue through early August.

This year’s theme for the children’s Summer Reading Program is “Catch the Reading Bug.” The Summer Reading Program for children is a great way to keep kids entertained, and it encourages reading during the summer months. “Catch the Reading Bug” is for kids up to age 11 or those finishing the fifth grade. Children may join by picking up a reading log in the Library’s Children’s Area.

Prizes provided by First American Bank and Trust Company will be used as incentives to encourage children to read. The prizes are U.S. Savings Bonds that will be awarded to three lucky raffle winners at the end of the summer. Also, participants who read a certain numbers of books will be presented with certificates and other prizes. Pre-readers can earn credit by having others read to them. When older children read to younger children, both children earn credit for the program.

“Catch the Reading Bug” programs include “Sarah’s Story” puppet show, a Greek storytelling and toga party, and a model train display and train storytime. Call the Children’s Area of the Library at (706) 613-3650, ext. 314 for more information.

Teens are also encouraged to read this summer with the Young Adult Area’s “Metamorphosis @ Your Library” Summer Reading Program for teens ages 11 to 18. Participants can win prizes for reading books and keep busy with a variety of programs.

To join the “Metamorphosis @ Your Library” Summer Reading Program, pick up a book log from the Young Adult Area. Teens who read 15 books by August 2 will receive a free t-shirt and an invitation to the “End of the Summer Party.” For more information, call the Young Adult Area at (706) 613-3650, ext. 329.

Adults are invited to explore ancient Egypt and learn about King Tut in the “Wrapped Up in Reading” Summer Reading Program.

Come by the Athens-Clarke County Library or call (706) 613-3650 for more information. All programs are free and open to the public.

For information on the Summer Reading Programs at other branches of the Athens Regional Library System, call the following locations:
  • Bogart Library: (770) 725-9443
  • East Athens Community Resource Center: (706) 613-3657
  • Lavonia – Carnegie Library: (706) 356-4307
  • Lay Park Community Resource Center: (706) 613-3667
  • Madison County Library: (706) 795-5597
  • Oconee County Library: (706) 769-3950
  • Oglethorpe Library: (706) 743-8817
  • Pinewoods Biblioteca: (706) 613-3708
  • Royston Public Library: (706) 245-6748
  • Winterville Library: (706) 742-7735


Winfield J. Abbe said...

Thank you Adrian for this post calling attention to the local Athens Public Library. While the public library is one of the most important functions of government, this one in Athens is usually on the short end of the funding for Athens Government Agencies. Reading is the single most important activity one must learn to do, for with reading, comes learning and knowledge and understanding. If one knows how to read, these vital means of informing oneself of information and practical instruction permit people to educate themselves from the knowledge of others recorded in books in place of formal classrooms. This should be a life long process of learning even if one has attended formal schools to the highest levels. An excellent book for all to read is "How to Read a Book" by Mortimer J. Adler, Simon and Shuster, N.Y., 1940. The author of this outstanding book is himself a most fascinating individual and might be the only person awarded a doctor's degree from Columbia University without having graduated first from either high school or college. A most enlightening article about his life, which ended at age 99 in the year 2001, is found at this link:

Katherine Strate said...

The Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy is also a program located in ACC. It started in Morgan County, but it is all over GA now. If you register your child (only eligible from birth to kindergarten) he or she receives a FREE, brand new, age appropriate book in the mail EVERY month until kindergarten. If I had kids, I'd sign them up for it- no brainer.
The Web site is: www.ferstfoundation.org. Check it out!