Hot Corner Coffee gone?

This has been brought to my attention:

r.i.p. hot corner / happy birthday gordon

WTF, mate?


Christopher Byrne said...

The new owners have destroyed the usefulness of HotCorner with poor design decisions and the way they relocated the Wi-Fi access point to the back of Trapp.

I have had lengthy discussions with them about these issues, but it seems they had a plan all along.

Oh Ron, why did you sell out?

Adrian Pritchett said...

C.B., I guess you have to find a new office now.

Les Dilghow said...

Trappeze is going to expand over there and sell coffee as well. Hooray Beer

Christopher Byrne said...

@Adrian - They got "fired" as my "office" shortly before Ron sold they place. I got tired of the surly service and the inconsistency of the wireless in the place.

@Les - Interestingly the owner said, despite rampant rampant rumours to the contrary, that they had no plans to expand Trapp into that space. But it was becoming increasingly clear that that was the plan. Financially this is a no-brainer and it will be interesting to see how ell they fare compared to Walkers.

The sign on the door this morning said they will be closed for a few weeks.

Jon said...

I hear the reason they sold it was they were being sued by the B52s for the song Hot Corner.

NoNameBoy said...

Whatever! As someone who worked for Hot Corner every year of it's operation, I can tell you that the B52's, regular customers of mine, wrote the song ABOUT Hot Corner- DUH!

The guys who own The Trapp did say, to me personally and repeatedly things like "WE HAVE NO INTENTION OF CHANGING HOT CORNER AT ALL!" However, it was always clear that they are completely full of shit. Now they've bought the Mercury Loungue, too. I wonder how different it will be after the "don't change it at all."


Chisolm said...

AGREED! I was saddened to find my job gone when I returned from my first national tour. I could have worked there forever.

I heard the promises as well of the new owners not changing hot corner at all. However, the truth was never more resonate than the other day, as I reluctantly met someone in the new establishment and heard a worker tell a student "Hey man, you can't study here- this isn't hot corner anymore."

Trappeze will slowly turn the side of town with the 40watt into the new Virginia Highlands.

To back up "Chekov" the song was written about the Cafe. They recorded across the street certain tracks of the album, FunPlex.