Greenway comments -- deadline today!

Sorry for the late notice....

Below is information on a potential trail connection from the eastside that would allow bike commuters to travel off road (off of College Station Road) from the eastside onto campus and beyond. Public comment is needed TODAY so that the commission knows that there is public support to have this connection further studied for feasibility. This is also part of the bigger issue of whether to consider trail connections along certain public utility corridors for greater connectivity of our trail system.

Please consider sending an email message of support to Public Utilities today at the email address below.

Thank you.

This project is an opportunity to take the first step in establishing a new, east-side, greenway trail, and is on the ACC Commission's agenda for May 6th. Access the agenda report at:


This project is an upgrade of a sewer line linking Lexington Rd (via Shadybrook Dr.), to Barnett Shoals Road, connecting to the sewage treatment plant off College Station Road. See agenda map. Sewer lines traditionally have not included provision for trails, despite considerable encouragement from some Commissioners. Now we have another opportunity, and an exceptional one connecting to the North Oconee Greenway and South Campus---all off-road!

This time there may be majority support on the Commission to include the trail option as part of the sewer project. But public support and encouragement are essential.

SUBMIT a written e-mail comment supporting the trail option. Deadline is Tuesday 4-22-08, at 5 pm.
Send email to edwardfocht@co.clarke.ga.us

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