Georgia Democratic Senate Forum

I watched the beginning of the debate among three Democratic Senate candidates yesterday evening. Dale Cardwell is focused on curtailing the influence of corporate interests and PACs; he compared PACs to packs of cigarettes with a play on words. Josh Lanier impressed me the most because he focused on the role of the United States Senate as an institution and had a sense of humor; his second campaign promise antecedent to an upcoming "uncampaign" was to move Saxby Chambliss' desk back to the Democrats' side of the aisle. Rand Knight tends to turn all questions to the environment and producing biofuels; at least his fake southern accent went away while he talked about something energetically.


pc said...

I think Josh Lanier is the best choice for our Senator. I like his ideas for taking money out of politics (he supports the "Fair Elections Now Act"). He says he will also fight to end the war in Iraq and bring about universal healthcare, which are two huge issues. Even though he only accepts donations of $100 or less, if a bunch of Georgians got behind him he could win the primary. Plus he has the best message to beat Saxby in November. Thoughts?

Gorpo said...

I don't know... He does a great job of "sounding good", but to me something about him just seems to be more about "sounding good" than being... REAL.
Getting beyond his own hype/resume on his web site... just who is he... really? That is, not who HE says he is, but what others know about him. Who really knows him and his history, and what is it? I haven't seen anyone with respected credentials speak out for him. It's like he's a complete unknown out of left field or something.
Maybe one of his opponents, the seasoned investigative reporter, should do a little investigation of his own? He's an unknown entity, and that is just not a good thing in Georgia politics, or for democrats who want to remove Chambliss. All the other candidates, you KNOW who they are, their history and their liabilities, and that they walk their talk. Thank God, Lanier is trailing the field.

Unknown said...

Perhaps Josh Lanier is not as well known as some of the others. However, he has been in Washington, most likely, much longer than all of his opponents put together.

The race is for U.S. Senate, and Josh Lanier has been a congressional aide both in the U.S. Senate and in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Josh Lanier is a Vietnam Veteran who advocates ending the war in Iraq and helping to bring stability to the region. Josh Lanier opposes torture, completely.

Josh Lanier also advocates single-payer health care. However, clean elections is Josh Lanier's greatest focus. Josh Lanier's "Un-campain" is serving as a model for clean elections by accepting contributions from individuals, only, and no more than $100.00 from any one individual. Also, the "Un-campaign" has no paid staff and relies on "organic organizing".

If the "horse race" is to end, and be replaced by focusing on the issues, then serious election reform must happen, soon. A vote for Josh Lanier is a sincere vote for clean elections.

To learn more, or to set up you own "Personal Control" page, please visit www.joshlanier.com.