Athens Transit priorities

Athens Transit now has live tracking of its buses on their website based on data from GPS devices. Yes, this is really neat, but I am still confounded at the priorities of this agency. They have invested loads into new technology, recently adding electronic signs and automated announcements inside the buses, and now they have GPS tracking on the website. Yet just last fall I could not find a simple map for Route 20, and I confirmed that it was unavailable. The printed schedule had only a timetable with no map. If they can't even print a simple map, why spend thousands of dollars on all this equipment? Assuming that the average transit rider walking toward a bus stop has an iPhone or other wireless computer of some sort at the bus stop, isn't this great that she can watch the buses move around on an electronic map? Yet she may have no idea where the bus is going or how to find a stop because the service doesn't print maps for all of its routes.

I would rather The Bus provide useful information instead of showing off bells and whistles.

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codeman38 said...

Even more inexplicably, the printable PDF versions of the route 6/20 schedules that are hosted on the new live mapping site actually do have maps on them. Yet on the 'main' part of the site, there are still no maps for those routes, and the schedules available at the Multi-Modal Center also don't have maps.

I don't understand it either...