Threats from the railroad

From the email:

March 27, 2008

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

I want to inform you about some recent discussions with the Federal Railroad Administration and the Great Walton Railroad.

They have expressed concern and displeasure over students and staff that have been parking on their property, crossing the railroad in areas other than approved crossing sites and climbing on the railcars and trestles.

Please stay off of the railroad as it is private property. Only cross where there is a sidewalk or street that intersects with the railroad.

The University of Georgia Police Department has created an informational section on our website (www.police.uga.edu/railroad) to assist you with safety information regarding railroads.

Please understand that the discussions have resulted in the railroads’ desire to prosecute individuals for criminal trespass if they are found to be on their private property.

I wish to make each and every person aware of these discussions and the railroad’s request so that no one will be arrested.

Please remember the railroad is private property and can be a dangerous area.


Jimmy Williamson
Chief of Police
If the railroad is going to start making legal threats, how about we threaten legal action them for their failure to cut back trees to allow clear vision at the Carlton Street crossing?

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Anonymous said...

What I found interesting: The URL pasted in the email to the railroad page on the UGA police website is incorrect. (What, you can't find a page on your own website, copy and paste it? And, no one proofreads emails that are sent to the ENTIRE UGA community before they are sent out?)

The correct page is http://www.police.uga.edu/railroad.html