close to home

On my personal blog I've been lamenting the recent college/university campus shootings (to be fair, not the WV one which sort of kicked this whole thing off so to speak, but the more recent ones...)

So, I get home last night and find this in my work email inbox:

TO: UGA faculty, staff and students

FROM: Jimmy Williamson, Chief of Police

Approximately 8:30 p.m. Monday, March 3, Athens-Clarke County Police reported a shooting in an area near the University of Georgia. The alleged offender fled on foot in the direction of campus. Information was provided to UGA Police in the area, who apprehended the individual without incident in the vicinty of the high-rise residence halls. There is no reason for UGA Police to feel that anyone in the University community remains at risk for their safety due to this incident.

That's a little too close for me. It seems clear, I guess, from the limited information in this statement that this perpetrator's MO is nothing like that of the mass shootings on campus. But still... it gives ya that funny, bad feeling, ya know?


Adrian Pritchett said...

Considering the number of random shootings in Athens and the armed robberies that we've had on campus, it doesn't phase me to hear just that shots were fired near campus. The nature of the crime could be shocking depending on what we learn about that, but not the gunplay itself without more information.

The armed robberies on campus and any murders of a student or anyone in my wider social circle are disturbing, though. I'm not insensitive, and I would like to know what this incident was about.

Anonymous said...

Good points.

hillary said...

Some dude on Rocksprings, unrelated to campus, from what I can gather.