Welcome to the Bio Terror Dome

I strongly and wholeheartedly oppose the siting of the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility in Athens.

Please come out to the meeting on Wednesday, February 13th at 7pm at the Presbyterian Student Center on Lumpkin Street. Kathy Prescott and Grady Thrasher of FAQ will be there to hand out some information my law firm has gathered to help you understand why having this compound in our town is a very, very bad idea. Hillary Clinton won't have it on Plum Island because that's too close to where people live. And Plum Island is a mile and a half off Long Island, with no pedestrian connections.

Don't let the federal government play around with foreign incurable diseases in the heart of our Classic City. No amount of money is worth that risk. (And, you know, the way our university and local officials are acting you'd actually think there was a lot of money coming in from this proposed bio-terror lab. Think again. The projected benefit is shockingly low.)

This is not a scare tactic -- it's just the reality of the situation. The feds want to study these diseases because they know how devastating it could be if a terrorist used them against us. And yet, they want to pretend that the concentration of any number of these diseases in a 500,000 square foot building in the middle of a well-known city is not going to make Athens a target?

But if you want to put terrorism out of your mind, let's think of natural disasters, fire, power outages, water shortages, automobile accidents on the way to delivering the biological agents to the compound, human error in the lab. A host of ways for these dangerous pathogens to escape. Is it likely that this will happen? Hopefully not. Is it possible? Absolutely it is.

I want to talk with each of you about the pros and cons of having this lab in Athens. I hope you can come out to the meeting on Wednesday -- and please give me a call or an email to discuss this more.


Les Dilghow said...

You say it's not a scare tactic but unfortunately you have fallen prey to the scare tatics used by FAQ and Project Sunshine. I am not for NBAF coming ot Athens, but not because it is unsafe or will make us a traget for terrorism. The UGA vet shcool handles materials as dangeros as NBAF would. FAQ and Project Sunshine don't trust the government and would bash NBAF if they were studying the most innocent of subjects. They use scare tactics to persuade their followers. I do no want NBAF because I don't think we need it, I don't think it will make ACC the new bio-tech hub that many perdict it will. NBAF will not be a breeding gorund of terror disease.

Hebbard said...


This is an opportunity for Athens to a top-flight research facility that would provide much needed scientific and technical jobs in the Athens-Clarke-Oconee Area. What a boon that would be to our research programs, not to mention the soon-to-come Medical School.

Anti-establishmentarianism for its own sake serves no purpose. The fear-mongerers screaming about death and destruction are no different than the Tate CEnter preachers screaming fire and brimstone. Don't let fear of change and progress keep us trapped in our own rut.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I tend to side with the previous two commentors. I definitely don't trust the government to NOT do research there that may be applied to some kind of "weapon." However, the stated purpose of the facility is very real and needed, and certainly no more dangerous than other work being done currently nor that of the CDC in Atlanta.

You say you want to discuss the pros and cons but it seems to me you don't want to discuss anything but rather list what you see as the cons, and let the pros be damned.