Making My Choice for the Next U.S. President

Back in 2000, I was changing flights in Charlotte, North Carolina. We were all crowded into a temporary, under construction terminal. Off in one corner of the room sat a man having a conversation with someone. That man was John McCain. I walked up to the Senator and thanked him for his recent failed run for the Presidency. I told him that I found his candor refreshing. That was then. Tomorrow, I have to go into a voting booth and make my preference known in one of the two primaries in Georgia. You can vote in one or the other in Georgia, but not both. In all of my 45 years on this good Earth, never have I fully realized how high the stakes are for myself, my family, and our country. I cringed watching McCain on Saturday night's debate, trying to make the most upsurd connection that Mitt Romney supported troop withdrawal from Iraq on a specific debate. He honestly looked like an old man grasping at straws.

If you look at my voting history in presidential elections, you might sense a pattern in how I tend to lean:

1980: John Anderson
1984: Ronald Reagan
1988: George HW Bush
1992: Ross Perot
1996: Bob Dole
2000: George W Bush
2004: George W Bush

This year will be different, at least for tomorrow. The Republican party has let the country down. No, this does not mean the Democrats are a bunch of shining stars. Quite the opposite. But I do not see a leader to bring our country together over the next four years. So I will be "crossing over" tomorrow and voting in the Democrat primary. As much as I admire John McCain for his service to our country in wartime and in the Senate, he is just not the right person for the job now. Mitt Romney looks and acts like a used car salesman.

So who do I vote for on the Democrat side of the election? There is no way I would or ever will vote for Hillary Clinton. She is disingenuous, corrupt, two faced and together with her husband, just plain scary. Not that it makes a difference in my decision, it certainly helped firm my mind up when dear old former President Clinton brought the race card up in the South Carolina primary.

When I walk into the booth tomorrow, with my daughters in there with me, I will be casting my vote for Barrack Obama. No one can tell me his is not qualified or does not have the experience. Neither did Reagan, but he was elected and did a great job as a leader and communicator. I am willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt in the primary. Our country needs a drastic change and a leader than can unite this country if we are going to have any hopes of survival. Obama is the only choice that, in my mind, gives us these hopes.

So I encourage others in Georgia to seek out who you think will be the best leader for our country and vote for this person tomorrow. It does not matter who you vote for as long as you vote.

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