Autos entered in Beechwood area

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department reports that there has been an increase of automobile break-ins in the Beechwood area, specifically around Baxter Street and Alps Road. It urges that you leave valuables and even loose change out of sight when you park your car. On January 31 a number of cars were found to have been entered, and items such as music players, a cell phone, and cash were stolen. A suspect was arrested shortly thereafter in connection with the break-ins along with two companions on other charges, but the police have passed along this new warning today.


Anonymous said...

That area is really turning into a (relatively speaking) hotbed of crime. Assaults at the Kroger on Alps, break-ins in the cars parked at Beechwood... What's next?

Mike-El said...

Well, if somebody's really looking to take it to the next level, there's always cannibalism.