Zoo Activities Feb. 2 & update on bags for bears

Celebrate Ground Hog Day at Bear Hollow! Festivities begin promptly on Saturday, February 2 at 7:30 a.m. as Mayor Heidi Davison joins us for the awakening of the zoo's resident groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, Alexandra and Gus! Enjoy hot cocoa, a live feeding domonstration, crafts, games, and much more! Visit www.accleisureservices.com/special_events.shtml more information or call to register at (706) 613-3616.

An update on the Bags for Bears Program to turn recycled plastic bags into playscapes:
1st place with 323,668 bags is Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School
2nd place with 81,083 bags is Fowler Drive Elementary School
3rd place with 74,926 bags is Barrow Elementary School
4th place with 47,370 bags is Whit Davis Elementary School
5th place with 45,350 bags is Oglethorpe Primary School (Oglethorpe
6th place with 37,128 bags is St. Joseph Catholic School
Total bags collected by all schools: 853,629 bags (doubled our goal)!!!!
Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail already received over 190 pieces of composite
lumber boards to begin the playscapes for the bears, bobcats and otters!!

The top six producing schools will receive a Trex lumber plaque with a bear
track mounted to the plaque. Additionally, the top producing school
(Oglethorpe Avenue) will receive a trip to the zoo for the top producing
teacher(s) - all expenses paid.

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