Survey for georgia artists, craftspeople. etc.

Hi all,
I realize this isn't specifically Athens related, but I know
there are lots of artists in athens.

Georgia's Handmade Survey is now live & on line. As I understand it,
anyone may use this link to take the survey. The last four Town Hall
meeting attendees will be invited to take this survey, but it is
definitely NOT limited to those who attend Town Halls. If you know
anyone who would like to offer input to the Creative Economies
Initiative, please forward this link:


Thank you for all that you do! Any questions or comments, I'm always

Camille Ronay
Georgia Made Georgia Grown

www.georgiamadegeorgiagrown.com <http://www.georgiamadegeorgiagrown.com>
Georgia Art By the Mile
706/342-8225 ofc
706/473-3198 cell

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