Seeking spellers! (Spelling Bee!)

The Athens Literacy Council is looking for teams for its annual spelling bee. Come on, you know you're smarter than a fifth grader!

The Athens-Clarke Literacy Council is now registering teams of three adults to compete in the third annual

Spirited Spell-off Spectacle
Saturday, March 1, 4:00 p.m.
Athens Technical College auditorium

Registration fee $60 per team ($20 per person)

Forms available from Sarah McKee (semckee@uga.edu) OR online at


Mike-El said...

Count me en!

Unknown said...


athensworld's team would sure be interesting... ;-)

I think I have a spelling bee phobia after coming in first loser (I mean, second) in the spelling bee in front of my WHOLE elementary school.

codeman38 said...

If anyone was willing to invite me onto the team, that could be interesting; I actually won the state bee in '97...

'Course, I'd need transportation, since bus route 24 doesn't run on Saturdays. -_-;;