Saturday Night's Dance Athens Show

For those of you who did not make it to the Dance Athens show Saturday night, you missed a real treat. The girls from the East Athens Educational Center stole the show. Modern dance does nothing for me (I guess I am just intellectually stunted or something), so a lot of the acts turned me off. But these girls were FANTASTIC.

The strangest point of the evening was the speech given by Athens Banner-Herald Marquee editor Julie Phillips. Receiving an award for excellence, she bemoaned the fact that the Marquee section of the ABH has been getting smaller and smaller because of cutbacks at the paper. She said that when there are cutbacks, the arts, of course, suffer first. Is this like writing your own obituary?

Julie seems like a truly nice, person and does love and support the arts. But the reality is that the people who read the Banner-Herald do so for the Sports section mainly. I never read Marquee because I do not pay for the paper (why waste money on a poor publication overall?) and can get better information for free in the Flagpole?


julie said...

Hi Christopher --
Thanks for the comments about my speech. The gist of it wasn't that the arts section is shrinking so much as it being a reflection of our culture at large. But I think what's more troubling is that you comment that Flagpole offers better arts coverage, though you admit you don't read Marquee. So that's a pretty careless thing to say. At any rate, thanks for the shout-out, sorta.

sally said...

Not sure I want to bother with arts crit written by a guy who finds modern dance too intellectual and who refers to female dancers as girls.

Jmac said...

Marquee used to be distributed free around town, though I'm sure if it still is. So you could read it without buying the paper.

Plus, in all honesty, Marquee and Flagpole are two different animals. The former focuses on a broad spectrum of the arts, ranging from local rock music to things such as the UGA Choral Ensemble (which there is little to no coverage in Flagpole). The latter focuses on city politics, the club scene, etc.

Christopher Byrne said...

Julie, I was just commenting to what I thought I heard you saying. (more on that later)

Sally, the dancers I am singing the praises of were young GIRLS, hence the choice of word. And this was not a critique, but just my observations. My daughter danced in the show and she will ALWAYS be my little girl.;-)

The "intellectual" comment (and back to Julie) is my brain was not fully functional at the show. I had driven to ATL in the wee hours of the morn for a gig, worked, and came back for the show. So some of the dances made my brain hurt trying to figure out what they were. And to be clear, all of the dancers were excellent, it is just that all of the dances were not my cup of tea.

jmac - yes they are two totally different animals. I wish we had one publication that gave full coverage to all of the Arts in town. I just don't think the ABH has the editorial space or budget to do it, and it is not Flagpole's sweet spot or target deomographic.

julie said...

Not to beat you over the head with it, man, but if you don't read Marquee or the ABH, how on earth can you say we don't provide full coverage? And how can you agree w/ jmac that Flagpole and Marquee are two different animals? You have no idea. Really.

Christopher Byrne said...

Go ahead and beat away...the ABH is not a source of news that I pay for, I will read it online to catch any quick news and then go to the Flagpole for more detailed reporting of local political coverage (even though I don't always agree with them).

Tell you what, I will start reading the marquee online and see if my mind can be changed. Part of the problem is that the ABH runs out of town material and fluff pieces that are meaningless, like "Applegate eager to get on with the show", so it is hard to get excited about reading it.

And for disclaimer purposes, I have written a number of columns for the ABH and cringed when ever the copy editor "edited" something that WAS correct or attached my picture to someone elses column.